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Thank you for visiting Shopz. You can use this Web site to order zSeries software products and service over the Internet. Many software orders can even be delivered over the Internet. You can also review your licenses for your zSeries software.

Note: Not all features of Shopz are available in all geographies.

A useful feature of Shopz is that your shopping experience can be tailored to your existing software configuration, including:

  • the service that is installed on your systems,
  • the products that are installed on your systems, and
  • the products that are licensed to your systems.

Shopz uses this information to identify:

  • service that you already have installed,
  • missing requisite products,
  • incompatible products,
  • licensed release upgrades to your installed products, and
  • version upgrades to your installed products.

Note: For information on hardware products, visit z Systems.

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Getting help

You have already found the ShopzSeries help facility. Throughout this users' guide you will find Help videos like the one at the beginning of this section. To view video clips you'll need to:

You will also find helpful tips in the right column as well as contextual help links (e.g. [Help]). These links, and any others which are enclosed in brackets, are displayed in pop-up windows.

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