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IBM Customer Connect

Online customer tools

GLOBALFOUNDRIES has acquired IBM's microelectronics business. Customer Connect provides GLOBALFOUNDRIES customers and business partners with access to a comprehensive suite of e-business tools, design solutions, supply chain information, and other services. During the transition period, this site will continue to be hosted by IBM and still shows IBM's brand name in various aspects. Some content will be updated to the GLOBALFOUNDRIES brand.

Access to the tools requires an ID and proper permission. Your existing user ID will serve this purpose. If you do not have an ID and wish to request access please contact your account manager.

Notice: 27 January 2018 a sign in change is planned for IBM OpenPOWER portal / Customer Connect. Your sign in credentials will remain the same.

- All users will first be prompted to Enter IBMid or email and Continue.
- External users (not domain) prompted for IBMid password.
- Externals federated with IBM are instead redirected to their enterprise sign in.
- Internal users ( domain) continue to be redirected to w3id sign in.
- Internals opted out of federation are instead prompted for IBMid password.
This change supports IBMid enterprise federation with participating sites. Browser sessions authenticated elsewhere in the federation may not be prompted for sign in on this site.


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