The z/VM hypervisor is a virtualization technology platform for IBM z Systems and IBM LinuxONE that supports multiple operating systems including z/OS and Linux. IBM z/VM virtualization enables a highly secure and scalable infrastructure for enterprise cloud, and Linux deployment along with diverse critical applications.

Long recognized as a robust hypervisor, z/VM allows customers to exploit IBM virtualization technology on one of the industry's best-of-breed server environments, the IBM mainframe.


Meet the IBM z/VM 6.4 hypervisor

This latest release provides cost savings opportunities and provides the foundation for cognitive computing on IBM z Systems and IBM LinuxONE with extreme scalability, security and efficiency.


The benefits of z/VM virtualization technology

Support up to thousands of virtual servers in a single footprint –– more than any other platform.

Scale and savings

Efficiently scales for growth while lowering the cost of service delivery

Operating systems

Supports the z Systems operating systems IBM z/OS, IBM z/VSE, IBM z/TPF

Open source distributions

Supports the distributions Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical Ubuntu for production and testing

Price performance

Efficient use of resources and support for IBM z13, IBM z13s and LinuxONE


California DMV runs 3x faster with z/VM and Linux on z Systems


IBM, the CDT and DMV worked together to quickly migrate the DMV website to z/VM virtualization and Linux on the IBM z Systems platform – and handled the surge in license applications with faster, more reliable service.