IBM Z is open and connected in the cloud

Scalable, reliable and secure to run your business.
Agile to respond to the market.

Leading enterprises are looking to the cloud as a tool for innovation and business transformation. Z hybrid cloud is a powerful ecosystem that enables workloads to be deployed on the best fit platform and exposed via APIs to seamlessly integrate with other on premise and cloud assets.

Your cloud is only as strong as the mainframe it depends on. It is the platform of choice for low cost, high volume encrypted workloads. This open and connected environment enables developers to plug and play, utilizing existing skills and cognitive DevOps to easily build and manage applications across the cloud and the data center.

Not all hybrid clouds are created equal

With the right combination of cloud technology, rapid innovation and the path to value is within sight. When selecting a hybrid cloud platform, choose a solution that offers a rapid deployment model for faster time to revenue, a highly secure and trusted environment to protect from breaches and an open software stack for the widest choice in applications.

IDC: The Business Value of the Connected Mainframe for Digital Transformation

Cloud your way. See the critical role IBM Z plays in enterprise cloud strategies.

Greater agility for next-generation cloud workloads

Get the speed, flexibility, innovation and cognitive engagements you need to deliver the fastest path to value for your organization. IBM Z fits perfectly into your public private or hybrid cloud solution with industry-leading availability, security and performance.

No Z skills required. Easily build and access enterprise cloud services and microservices using common language and open technologies.

Manage complex hybrid environments with cloud analytics and integrated systems management.

Cognitive DevOps to help enterprise development teams understand application interdependencies, complexity and quality across platforms, environments and languages.

Bluemix enables the modern enterprise to approach the cloud with deployment models spanning from IBM data center to yours.

Improve security and scalability in your hybrid cloud with this robust hypervisor virtualization technology.

Highly scalable, pervasive encryption to secure your hybrid cloud

Innovate with greater agility

Enable Core Business Assets for the API Economy

Bring Systems of Record and Systems of Engagment workloads together

See why industry analysts name IBM a cloud leader.

Customers and analysts are talking about hybrid cloud on Z

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Customers are using Z to drive new outcomes and opportunities. See what’s possible.

Hybrid cloud computing provides the flexibility to put workloads and data where it makes the most sense.