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The mere thought of having to change highly complex and interdependent application code can strike fear into the heart of the most experienced IT development teams. The age-old idea of "don't touch it, it may never work again” can be particularly true of legacy applications where the in-house documentation isn’t verified over the extended life span of the application and can’t be verified.

Through best in breed automatic reporting and visual impact analysis, IBM Application Discovery can take the heat off high impact modernization efforts, allowing developers to transform to the hybrid cloud - faster and easier, with less risk.

Accelerate the value from your mainframe applications

Application Discovery makes it faster and easier for developers to understand and connect applications into their hybrid cloud environment. Developers are now empowered to unlock the value in billions of lines of code residing on z Systems.

Consider the benefits


Automatically evaluates application source code by providing an accurate and current view of Inventory, Structure, Interdependencies, Complexity, Quality, Coding Standards and Compliance.


Supports the identification and execution of application source code improvements to drive a higher level of quality. Easily analyze data, to simplify, completely transform or replace applications with ease.


On an ongoing basis, Application Discovery collects and correlates key metrics about the overall quality of the application portfolio so that improvements can be tracked over time.

Application discovery for digital and hybrid cloud

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