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Are you overwhelmed by the daunting task of updating time tested code to meet demands for new applications and technologies? Even when training new developers, you can’t be sure the manually created code documentation is accurate. How can you tackle the task of keeping your application delivery processes running efficiently? In order to thrive in today’s economy, it is crucial to have accurate code analysis, showing you all the relationships between applications, determining the impact of change and speeding the drive to maximize z Systems in the hybrid cloud. IBM can help.

Automate application discovery for digital and hybrid cloud transformation

The union of Application Discovery and Application Delivery Intelligence, helps enterprise development teams better understand application interdependencies, complexity, and quality across platforms, environments and languages to ultimately get the best use out of their business-critical applications.

Application discovery for digital and hybrid cloud transformation

Application discovery for digital and hybrid cloud transformation

Consider the benefits


Unlock business critical applications by visualizing and enabling impact analysis because of change, refactoring, extending current functionality or API enablement.


Automate the production of precise and detailed documentation, to rapidly gain an accurate understanding of application structures. Reduce time required for new employee education.


Reduce critical downtime and test-fix cycles by up to 50 percent thru enforcing coding standards and reviewing critical information to determine whether sufficient testing has been done.

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