System software

Learn about the value of IBM z Systems software

Why IBM z Systems for system software?

Your business requirements drive your IT requirements. Today enterprises require more and more performance, cost-efficiency and security.

System software from IBM z Systems™ combines leading-edge innovation and unparalleled capabilities to power cloud, business analytics, mobile applications, and the most important workloads.

What is the IT infrastructure for the cognitive era?

z Systems software

Looking to gain real-time access to critical insights while minimizing cost and complexity? IBM z Systems software for data, data warehousing, predictive analytics and business intelligence can help.

What do 30% say this is their biggest big data issue?

Reduce cost and complexity in your IT infrastructure, simplify compliance, and leverage your core asset.

Derive value from complex information spread across systems with a comprehensive, unified, scalable foundation.

Transform data into trusted strategic assets with holistic business value driven approach.

IBM ITSM solutions help IT operations teams effectively manage complex, hybrid environments and accelerate cloud services delivery.

What is the value of enterprise visibility?

Gain a single point of control for systems management function such as visibility, control and automation.

Realize greater business value with a mainframe cloud.

Maximize velocity and optimize resources with System z workloads.

Accelerate problem identification, isolation and resolution on IBM z Systems

Deploy and safeguard z Systems applications and transactions with unmatched flexibility at scale.

What is the IT infrastructure for the digital economy?

Support large transaction volumes with fast response times, high availability and scalability at a low cost per transaction.

Gain availability and security while reducing costs for business critical applications.

Get the highest OLTP performance with strategic integration capabilities and reliance for your data.

Extend the value of z Systems assets - enabling participation in the API Economy.

Operating systems

IBM z supports z/OS, z/VSE, z/TPF, Linux and the z/VM hypervisor.

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