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Value Unit Converter Tool Overview

The Value Unit Converter Tool is used in conjunction with pricing/licensing activities for IPLA (one time charge) mainframe products which have Value Unit Pricing. You can read more about Value Unit Pricing on the web.

The Value Unit Converter Tool will convert the following base units to Value Units, and Value Units back to base units. It will also add additional base units to Value Units for existing licenses for subsequent orders of a product.

The Value Unit Converter Tool:


The user downloads the Value Unit Converter installation package into a folder of the user's choice. This file, called vuctool.exe, needs to be executed by the user by clicking on Start, Run, selecting this file, and OK. The user will then be prompted through the setup routine. Be sure to review the readme.txt file which is installed during the installation process since this file contains important technical information concerning the use of the tool.

Help on Value Unit Converter

The Value Unit Converter Tool contains an online help facility including instructions for using the tool. Once you're running the Value Unit Converter Tool, click on "Help", and "How Do I", to access these instructions. Other Help topics are also accessible through the Value Unit Converter Tool online help facility.

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