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Sub-Capacity Corner

z/Transaction Processing Facility Enterprise Edition (z/TPF)

With Version 1.1 of z/Transaction Processing Facility Enterprise Edition (z/TPF) (5748-T15), z/Architecture machines which contain both z/OS systems and z/TPF systems can report sub-capacity MSUs for z/TPF and z/TPFDF. For this initial method of sub-capacity reporting, z/OS must be running concurrently with z/TPF on the CPC.

Starting with z/TPF V1.1 PUT 02, you have the option to allow z/TPF to produce SCRT89 accounting records to report sub-capacity MSUs on CPCs that are running z/TPF and z/TPFDF. If you elect to have z/TPF produce SCRT89 accounting records, this method allows you to have CPCs that run standalone z/TPF and you only need a minimum of one system or LPAR (or one VM guest) running z/OS in your enterprise. This minimum of one z/OS system is necessary in order to run the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) to process the SCRT89 records. See the z/TPF System Performance and Measurement Reference and the z/TPF chapter of the SCRT Users Guide for instructions on how to create and manage the SCRT89 accounting records on your z/TPF system.

SCRT89 Record Utility

Some z/TPF sub-capacity customers may be required to use the SCRT89 Record Utility program to post-process their SCRT89 data prior to running the SCRT. To determine if you are one of these customers, please read the z/TPF chapter of the SCRT Users Guide (PDF, 2.7MB). If you do need to use this utility program please read the instructions and then download the tool.

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