IBM z Systems Software Contracts

Sub-Cap MLC

This page lists the z Systems Monthly License Charge (MLC) programs which are eligible for sub-capacity pricing and MVM.

This page also lists the z Systems MLC programs which are eligible for MVM but not eligible for sub-capacity pricing, including when zELC (full capacity) pricing is in effect.

Last Updated on February 24, 2017

Sub-Capacity Eligible CMLC / AWLC / AEWLC / VWLC / EWLC Programs

Program ID Program Name SMF89?/
Program Family**
5694-A01 z/OS V1 yes z/OS
5650-ZOS z/OS V2 yes z/OS
5655-G52 z/OS.e V1 (only EWLC is available) yes n/a
5655-018 CICS/ESA V4 yes CICS
5655-147 CICS TS for OS/390 yes CICS
5697-E93 CICS TS for z/OS V2 yes CICS
5655-M15 CICS TS for z/OS V3 yes CICS
5655-S97 CICS TS for z/OS V4 yes CICS
5655-Y04 CICS TS for z/OS V5 yes CICS
5695-DB2 DB2 for MVS/ESA V4 yes DB2 for z/OS
5655-DB2 DB2 for OS/390 V5 yes DB2 for z/OS
5645-DB2 DB2 UDB for OS/390 V6 yes DB2 for z/OS
5675-DB2 DB2 UDB for OS/390 V7 yes DB2 for z/OS
5625-DB2 DB2 UDB for z/OS V8 yes DB2 for z/OS
5635-DB2 DB2 V9 for z/OS yes DB2 for z/OS
5605-DB2 DB2 10 for z/OS yes DB2 for z/OS
5615-DB2 DB2 11 for z/OS yes DB2 for z/OS
5650-DB2 DB2 12 for z/OS yes DB2 for z/OS
5695-176 IMS V5 yes IMS
5655-158 IMS V6 yes IMS
5655-B01 IMS V7 yes IMS
5655-C56 IMS V8 yes IMS
5655-J38 IMS V9 yes IMS
5635-A01 IMS V10 yes IMS
5635-A02 IMS V11 yes IMS
5635-A03 IMS V12 yes IMS
5635-A04 IMS V13 yes IMS
5635-A05 IMS V14 yes IMS
5635-A06 IMS V15 yes IMS
5695-137 MQSeries for MVS/ESA yes MQ for z/OS
5655-A95 MQSeries for OS/390 V2 yes MQ for z/OS
5655-F10 WebSphere MQ for z/OS V5 yes MQ for z/OS
5655-L82 WebSphere MQ for z/OS V6 yes MQ for z/OS
5655-R36 WebSphere MQ for z/OS V7 yes MQ for z/OS
5655-W97 IBM MQ for z/OS V8 yes MQ for z/OS
5655-MQ9 IBM MQ for z/OS V9 yes MQ for z/OS
5655-H32 Debug Tool for z/OS & OS/390 yes Debug
5655-L24 Debug Tool for z/OS V4 yes Debug
5655-M18 Debug Tool for z/OS V5 yes Debug
5655-P14 Debug Tool for z/OS V6 yes Debug
5655-R44 Debug Tool for z/OS V7 yes Debug
5655-S17 Debug Tool for z/OS V8 yes Debug
5648-A25 COBOL for OS/390 & VM V2 no COBOL
5655-G53 Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and OS/390 V3 no COBOL
5655-S71 Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V4 no COBOL
5655-W32 Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V5 yes COBOL
5655-EC6 Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V6 yes COBOL
5655-B22 Visual Age PL/I for OS/390 no PL/I
5655-H31 Enterprise PL/I for z/OS and OS/390 V3 no PL/I
5655-W67 Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V4 no PL/I
5655-PL5 Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V5 yes PL/I
5645-005 System Automation for OS/390 no System Automation
5645-006 System Automation for OS/390 V2 no System Automation
5697-B82 Tivoli NetView for OS/390 no NetView
5697-ENV Tivoli NetView for z/OS V5 no NetView
5697-NV6 Tivoli NetView for z/OS V6 no NetView
5697-MQZ WebSphere MQ Extended Security Ed for z/OS V5 yes^ n/a
5697-NQZ WebSphere MQ Extended Security Ed for z/OS V6 yes^^ n/a
5697-OPC Tivoli OPC V2 no n/a
5697-WSZ Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS V8 no n/a
5655-043 Tivoli Netview PM no n/a
5655-B86 Lotus Domino for S/390 V5 no Lotus Domino
5655-K36 Lotus Domino for z/OS V6 yes Lotus Domino
5655-N14 Lotus Domino for z/OS V7 yes Lotus Domino
5655-S73 Lotus Domino for z/OS V8 yes Lotus Domino
5655-P97 z/OS Encryption Facility for z/OS V1 yes n/a
5706-254 QMF MVS V3 no n/a
5695-068 Airline Control System V2 yes n/a
5748-T15 z/TPF V1 yes+ n/a
5748-F15 z/TPFDF V1 yes+ n/a


Last Updated on February 24, 2017


Sub-Capacity Eligible AEWLC / MWLC Programs

Program ID Program Name SMF89?/
Program Family**
5686-VS6 z/VSE V6 yes++ z/VSE
5686-CF9 VSE Central Functions V9 (z/VSE V5) yes++ z/VSE
5686-CF8 VSE Central Functions V8 (z/VSE V4) yes++ z/VSE
5655-VSE CICS TS for z/VSE V2 yes++ CICS for z/VSE
5648-054 CICS TS for VSE/ESA V1 yes++ CICS for z/VSE
5648-099 DITTO/ESA FOR VSE no n/a
5686-CS1 TCP/IP for z/VSE V2 no TCP/IP for z/VSE
5686-A04 TCP/IP for VSE V1 no TCP/IP for z/VSE
5686-065 ACF/VTAM V4 VSE yes++ n/a
5686-068 IBM COBOL VSE/ESA no n/a
5648-F66 Rational COBOL Runtime for z/VSE V7 no n/a
5696-234 High Lvl Assembler VSE no n/a
5697-F42 DB2 Server for VSE&VM no n/a
5746-SM3 IBM DFSORT/VSE V3 no n/a
5686-A06 MQSeries for VSE/ESA V2 no n/a
5655-U97 WebSphere MQ for z/VSE V3 no n/a
5746-XX1 DL/I Data Language no n/a
5686-A01 C/VSE no n/a
5686-069 IBM PL/I VSE/ESA no n/a
5686-BS1 IPv6/VSE V1 no n/a


Last Updated on March 31, 2017


Programs Eligible for MVM but Not Eligible for Sub-Capacity

Program ID Program Name Program Family**
5655-M32 PSF for z/OS V4 PSF
5655-B17 PSF For z/OS and OS/390 V3 PSF
5655-O15 InfoPrint XT for z/OS V3 Infoprint XT
5655-J65 Infoprint XT Extender V1 Infoprint XT
5688-228 IBM APL2 V2 APL
5748-AP1 VS APL V1 APL
5686-CF7 VSE Central Functions V7 (z/VSE V3) z/VSE***
5686-066 VSE Central Functions V6 (VSE/ESA V2) z/VSE***
5686-028 VSE/SP Unique Code V5 (VSE/ESA V1) z/VSE***

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