IPv6/VSE - 5686-BS1

IPv6/VSE Version 1 Release 2 provides an IPv6 solution for z/VSE.

Note: IPv6/VSE is a registered trademark of Barnard Software, Inc.

These are some of the highlights of the new IPv6/VSE release:

IPv6/VSE provides an IPv6 TCP/IP stack, IPv6 application programming interfaces (APIs), and IPv6-enabled applications. The IPv6 TCP/IP stack of IPv6/VSE can be run concurrently with an IPv4 TCP/IP stack within one z/VSE system.

The IPv6/VSE product also includes a full-function IPv4 TCP/IP stack, IPv4 application programming interfaces and IPv4 applications. The IPv4 TCP/IP stack does not require the IPv6 TCP/IP stack to be active.


TCP/IP for z/VSE V2.1- 5686-CS1

This new version replaces IBM TCP/IP for VSE/ESA V1.5F, and includes:


TCP/IP for VSE/ESA V1.5F - 5686-A04

TCP/IP for VSE/ESA 1.5 (5686-A04) became available on January 14th, 2003.


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