VSE/SP Unique Code - 5686-VS6-01

VSE/SP Unique code (5686-VS6-01) performs the following functions:


VSE/POWER - 5686-VS6-03

VSE/POWER (5686-VS6-03) stands for Virtual Storage Extended/Priority Output Writers, Execution Processors and Input Readers. It is the spooling system of z/VSE. As such it performs the following functions:


VSE/VSAM - 5686-VS6-05

Virtual Storage Access Method (5686-VS6-05) is an access method used with direct-access storage to provide fast storage and retrieval of data.

VSE/VSAM provides advanced data management support for files stored on disk devices. It also helps you organize and access data in files and libraries. VSE/VSAM supports ESDS, KSDS, RRDS, VRDS, and SAM ESDS files. The VSE/VSAM Backup/Restore and Space Management for SAM features complement the support provided by VSE/VSAM.

VSAM is divided into modules, which are logically grouped into the following components:


VSE/AF - 5686-VS6-06

VSE/Advanced Functions (5686-VS6-06) is a key base component of z/VSE. Through the supervisor, VSE/Advanced Functions provides basic system control for a z/VSE system. Basic system control includes functions such as storage management and input/output handling for the hardware attached to the processor. In addition, VSE/Advanced Functions contains various programs and functions such as:


VSE/AF MSHP - 5686-VS6-07

The Maintain System History Program (MSHP), a part of VSE/Advanced Functions (5686-VS6-07), is used to:


VSE/AF Info/Analysis - 5686-VS6-08

VSE/AF Info/Analysis (5686-VS6-08) is a component that is used to manage, print and analyze dumps.


VSE/AF IOCP - 5686-VS6-09

VSE/AF Input/Output Configuration Program (5686-VS6-09) describes a system's I/O configuration to the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

Before you install z/VSE, make sure that you have generated the I/O Configuration Data Set (IOCDS) on your processor. When you install z/VSE, you automatically install the z/VSE IOCP batch program. You need the z/VSE batch program to create a new IOCDS when you change the hardware configuration. You also need it to define and validate the IOCP macro instructions if you prepare for the installation of a new processor.


VSE/ICCF - 5686-VS6-10

VSE/ICCF (5686-VS6-10) is an interactive tool for system administration and for program development. Through it, you can enter source code and data at your terminal, edit this information, and save it in a VSE/ICCF library. You can also create jobs and submit them for processing in a batch partition or in a VSE/ICCF interactive partition. VSE/ICCF provides also support for system control and supports functions such as dialog processing.


VSE/FastCopy - 5686-VS6-11

With VSE/FastCopy (5686-VS6-11) you can copy files between a tape device and a disk device or from one disk device to another. For the latter, the target disk must be of the same device type as the source disk. In case of FBA devices, an intermediate file must reside on tape. In case of CKD devices, it can reside on tape or disk. You can also copy complete volumes.


REXX/VSE - 5686-VS6-16

REXX (5686-VS6-16) in general is an extremely versatile programming language:

REXX/VSE specifically provides - in addition to the standard kernel - z/VSE dependant commands and functions, that enable REXX to be used for all kind of system management purposes, especially to automate operation of your z/VSE system.


z/VSE Cryptographic Services - 5686-VS6-17

The z/VSE Cryptographic Services component (5686-VS6-17) provides cryptographic services for z/VSE, such as an OpenSSL implementation. OpenSSL is an Open Source project providing an SSL implementation and key management utilities.


OSA/SF - 5686-VS6-30

OSA/SF (5686-VS6-30) is the Open Systems Adapter Support Facility. It is an application for customizing and managing OSAs. OSA/SF supports both OSA-Express and OSA-2 on all supported servers.

The OSA/SF GUI can be used on any workstation and operating system that has the required releases of JAVA (Java Runtime 1.4 or higher) and JAVA help (JavaHelp 1.1.2 or higher) files. Use of the GUI is optional. A REXX exec command interface is also included with OSA/SF as usual. Note that OSA/SF is not required to set up an OSA-Express adapter when running in QDIO mode (CHPID TYPE=OSD) except for ATM adapters.


Encryption Facility for z/VSE - 5686-VS6-40

Businesses today are focused on the importance of securing customer and business data from loss and inadvertent or deliberate compromise. In addition, increasing regulatory requirements are driving the need for data security. The IBM Encryption Facility for z/VSE applies the powerful encryption capabilities of the IBM mainframe to allow you to encrypt sensitive information to be exchanged with your partners, suppliers, and customers.

The Encryption Facility for z/VSE Version 1 Release 1 feature is designed to be compatible with the Encryption Facility z Systems format provided as part of the Encryption Services feature in Encryption Facility for z/OS V1.1 and V1.2 (5655-P97). It allows you to exchange an encrypted file between your internal mainframe data centers, or exchange an encrypted file with your external business partners and vendors who have installed any of the following: Encryption Facility for z/VSE feature, Encryption Facility for z/OS Encryption Services feature (using z Systems format), or the no-charge Encryption Facility for z/OS Client Web download (either Java-based client or Decryption Client for z/OS).

The Encryption Facility for z/VSE Version 1 Release 2 feature provides data encryption and decryption according to the OpenPGP standard. OpenPGP is a standard protocol for ensuring the integrity of data that can be exchanged between trusted partners and is described in RFC 4880. This support allows you to exchange an encrypted and optionally compressed file between your internal data centers using the Encryption Facility for OpenPGP support in conjunction with your external business partners and vendors who have an installed an OpenPGP (RFC 4880)-compliant client running on z/OS, but also on workstation platforms.

Encryption Facility for z/VSE is a priced optional feature of z/VSE System Package (5686-VS6). Support includes, but is not limited to:

The CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (CPACF) is required. In addition, the Encryption Facility for z/VSE exploits IBM z Systems hardware technology, including hardware-assisted compression and Crypto Express.


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