Send us your requirements

If you think that a function or feature is missing in z/VSE, z/VSE related products, or on this web page, please submit your requirement through the Request for Enhancement (RFE) tool.

You can also search and browse for requirements that others have submitted already, or check the status off your own requirements. The requirement that have been submitted through the z/VSE requirements form or through conferences are also available in the RFE tool. You can vote for requirements to express your interest on the requirement.

For z/VSE requirements please select the following:

Brand = Servers and System Software
Product family = zSeries Software
Product = z/VSE
Component = You may choose the component
Operating system = IBM z/VSE

For CICS Transaction Server requirements please select the following:

Brand = WebSphere
Product family = Transaction Processing
Product = CICS Transaction Server
Component = Runtime or Explorer
Operating system = IBM z/VSE