z/VSE V6.1 is available

IBM z/VSE V6 - What will be next

Shortly after the general availability of z/VSE V6.1, there has been a new z/VSE announcement: z/VSE V6 - What will be next. See especially the statement of general direction section regarding future z/VSE plans. These SODs address both exploitation of IBM z Systems and IBM System Storage technology as well as new capability intended for delivery in a future release of IBM CICS Transaction Server for z/VSE.

For more information, please see the announcement letter.

IBM z/VSE V6.1 is available

In continuation of these 50 years of innovation and evolution, IBM is pleased to deliver a new z/VSE version, z/VSE V6.1.

Whereas the past z/VSE versions often addressed scalability and constraint relief, z/VSE V6.1 now focuses on online transaction processing, security, and networking:

z/VSE clients may want to leverage the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation to develop mobile applications that interact with z/VSE. Using z/VSE connectors, mobile applications can integrate z/VSE data and applications.

IBM z/VSE V6.1 has been available since November 27, 2015.

For more information, please see the announcement letter.

IBM z13s and IBM System Storage DS8880

The IBM z13s expands the breadth of the IBM z Systems family by delivering a strong range of new smaller-capacity, attractively priced models. With the z13s, z/VSE clients can benefit from newest z Systems technology. This includes:

For more information, please see the announcement letter.

IBM System Storage DS8880 is the newest member of the DS8000 family. The IBM DS8880 family includes two high-performance models DS8884 and DS8886. The DS8884 model delivers a lower cost system and smaller scale solution.

z/VSE supports the z13, z13s and DS8880 with z/VSE V5.1 and later.

Live Virtual Classes

z/VSE latest news

This LVC session provides the latest z/VSE V6.1 update. You will get more information about new announcements such as the IBM z13s and the z/VSE Network Appliance. Ingolf will also address device support since the z/VSE V6.1 announcement in October. The Migration Pricing Option (MPO) will be discussed too.

Speaker: Ingolf Salm, IBM
Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Time: US & Europe: 11:00 AM New York, 04:00 PM London, 05:00 PM Boeblingen, 15:00 UTC
Or: Europe & AP: 04:00 PM Japan, 07:00 UTC, 03:00 AM New York, 08:00 AM London, 09:00 AM Boeblingen
Duration: 45 Minutes

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Future Live Virtual Classes:

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The IBM z13s

  • IBM z13s

    The IBM z13s expands the breadth of the IBM z Systems family by delivering a strong range of new smaller-capacity, attractively priced models.

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