IBM z13 and IBM z13s Server Migration Workflow

Helping you to prepare for the IBM z13 and IBM z13s server!

Did you know that you can use a z/OSMF workflow to prepare your z/OS system for migrating to the IBM z13 or IBM z13s server?  This workflow contains interactive steps for migration considerations, restrictions, and actions to take before you order your server, along with a checklist of items that will be discontinued on future servers. The workflow contains the same valuable information as the z/OS Migration book, in the topic "Migrate to an IBM z13 or IBM z13s server."  At the end of the workflow is a step with survey questions that you can optionally answer and submit to IBM.

This tool is supported only by the tool owner, on a best-can-do basis, and does not involve the IBM Service organization. Please report any problems, suggestions, or comments to

Important information

  • The workflow consists of two files, a workflow definition (z13_z13s_Workflow_GA.xml) and a feedback file (z13_migration_feedback.txt). Download both files in binary format, and save them in the same z/OS UNIX directory.
  • Do not change the name of the feedback file.  Otherwise, you might an encounter an error while performing the workflow step "Provide feedback to IBM on your migration experience."
  • For more information about z/OSMF workflows, see the Workflows web page.
  • For a short video on using a z/OSMF workflow, see the IBM® z/OSMF V2.1 Migration Workflow Demo on YouTube.

Current workflow level: 01 (February 22, 2016), which corresponds to the migration actions in the z/OS V2R2 Migration book (GA32-0889-07).

IBM z13 and z13s Server Migration Workflow XML file
z13_z13s_Workflow_GA.xml (104 KB)
 Download now 2016-02-22
Migration Workflow feedback file
z13_migration_feedback.txt (1 KB)
 Download now 2016-02-22

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