IBM: z/OS V2R1 zEnterprise® Data Compression Setup Workflow

IBM zEnterprise® Data Compression (zEDC) 


IBM zEnterprise® Data Compression (zEDC) is a compression acceleration capability introduced with z/OS V2R1. When you combine zEDC with zEDC Express, a new I/O feature provided on IBM zEnterprise EC12 and IBM zEnterprise BC12, you obtain a compression acceleration solution designed for high performance, low latency compression. This workflow provides you with the steps to configure z/OS to take advantage of the zEDC compression capability, which include:

  • Updating and activating the IODF file for the zEDC Express devices.
  • Updating and linking applications to use zEDC enabled zlib.

z/OS V2.1 uses the industry-standard zlib open source library available for z/OS UNIX System Services. This version of the library supports the sending of compression and decompression requests to the zEDC Express. The z/OS-provided zlib library is provided as a UNIX archive file that can be statically linked into applications that currently use zlib, enabling additional exploitation of compression through zEDC Express and expanding potential compression opportunities.

  • Enable SMF Compression.

zEDC can compress SMF records that are stored in a logstream.  IFASMFDL, the SMF logstream dump program, has corresponding to decompress the records from the logstream.

Note: z/OSMF V2.1 is required to use this workflow. For additional information about zEDC see the zEDC FAQ.


 z/OS V2.1 zEDC Setup Workflow for z/OSMF V2.1 XML file   Download now  2015-01-21


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