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z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #30 August 2016 — 63.6 MB
z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #30 August 2016, Low Resolution — 8.0 MB

Featured topics: Cloud computing, Analytics, z/OSMF.

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z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #29 August 2015

Featured topics: Security.

The printed copy of z/OS Hot Topics, issue 29 has incorrect technical information in "Track down GRS requests with SMF" on page 30. The first two sentences have been revised and the paragraph under the topic for "Enter global resource serialization" has also been revised. The revised article is in the online PDF on this webpage.

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z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #28 August 2014

Featured topics: Smarter Computing with z/OS V2R1: cloud, analytics, mobile, social, and security.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #27 August 2013

Featured topics: z/OS V2R1, IBM zEnterprise, Flash Express, zAware, z/OSMF.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #26 August 2012

Featured topic:  The fine art of z/OS.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #25 August 2011

Featured topic: z/OS: a smarter operating system for a Smarter Planet.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #24 January 2011

Featured topic: zEnterprise gets you where you are going.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #23 August 2010

Featured topic: Face to Face with business resiliency and problem determination.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #22 March 2010

Featured topic: Nothing gets past z/OS! Security and auditing.

Hot Spotlight articles
Hot Spotlight Our Hot Spotlight section features Web articles (not included in the latest issue of the z/OS Hot Topics newsletter) that provide great information on a host of System z topics.
Web Article
Driving home the mainframe memories: Forty-four years of disk-drive development (PDF 103KB) John Eells continues his mainframe retrospective with our third installment about the history of IBM disk drives.
Web Article
Ask Mr. Catalog: Answers to common ICF catalog questions (PDF 99KB)
Another in a set of questions and answers about catalogs from Stephen Branch, Mr. Catalog himself.

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