Latest Alerts and News - October 16, 2013


LookAt is being sunset with the announcement of the new version of z/OS (V2R1). Knowledge Centers will gradually take over the function of all search in technical documentation.

You can continue to access older releases (prior to V2R1) of messages here as-is. Neither the site nor the content will continue to be updated.

Adding LookAt to the Mozilla Firefox search bar

If you use LookAt often and would like to add it to the Mozilla Firefox search bar it is now possible. Doing so is a quick two step process.

First, install the Add to Search Bar plug-in for Firefox:

  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox Web browser.
  2. Go to the web page that allows you to install the Add to Search Bar plug-in into your Firefox location bar by clicking here: Add Search Bar plug-in.
  3. Install the Add to Search Bar plug-in by clicking Add to Firefox. In the confirmation window, click Install Now. Note: The Add to Search Bar plug-in works with Firefox 2.0 and above and needs to be installed only once.
  4. After the plug-in is installed, restart Firefox to make the plug-in available.

Next, add the LookAt Web site to your Firefox search bar:

  1. Go to the LookAt Web page by clicking on the following link: LookAt Web page.
  2. Right-click in the Message ID input box.
  3. From the list of options, select Add to Search Bar.
  4. In the confirmation window, click OK to make LookAt active on your Firefox search bar

LookAt can be added as a Widget in the Lotus Notes 8 sidebar

Lotus Notes 8 allows the user to add widgets in the My Widgets sidebar. This new feature will all users to perform business actions in a quick and efficient way. These widgets can be standalone or launched from Live Text in Lotus Notes documents. If you use Lotus Notes 8, make sure to add LookAt as a widget so that it will always be at your fingertips.

Link to Twitter has been included on the LookAt home page!

The LookAt home page has been updated to include a link to Twitter so that you can share your knowledge or ask questions in regards to message explanations for IBM z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and Clusters through the use of real-time feed. Once you sign up for an account with Twitter, you can do a search for LookAtMessages and subscribe to it as a blog to follow. If you have any further questions in regards to the way Twitter works, you can go to their website and check out the sections for "About Us" and "Blog".

Previous Alerts and News

Cookies Enabled!

We have added the ability for LookAt to find the most recent release for which you have requested message help. If you frequently seek message help for the same product and release, this will save you a little time since you will not have to click on the radio button each time. If you have cookie support enabled on your browser, LookAt can retrieve and enter this information for you. This feature will work on both the regular LookAt interface, the LookAt Mobile edition (provided that you have Internet capabilities on your mobile device with cookie support enabled), and the List Enabled Books page.

New messages enabled for LookAt!

Messages have been enabled and are available now for:

  • z/VM V6R2
  • z/VSE V5R1
  • z/OS V1R13
  • z/VM V6R1
  • z/OS V1R12.5
  • z/OS V1R12
  • z/OS V1R11.5
  • z/OS V1R11
  • z/OS V1R10.5
  • z/OS V1R10
  • z/VM V5R4
  • z/OS V1R9.5
  • z/OS V1R9
  • z/VM V5R3
  • z/VSE V4R1
  • z/OS V1R8
  • z/VM V5R2


If you have difficulty locating a particular IBM message, you might want to check the LookAt Help page for hints and assistence in finding messages. If you are still unable to locate your message, please use the LookAt Feedback page and describe the situation. Someone from the LookAt Development Team will attempt to help you.

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