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z/OS V1R2.0 installation planning

Worried about migrating your COBOL programs? Fear not! The z/OS-COBOL migration FAQs will put your mind at ease.

IBM Fee Offerings

Find out about customized software packages to install z/OS and related products and services in the Worldwide CustomPac Offerings.

Ordering z/OS and related products

You can order products and maintenance for the z/OS and OS/390 platforms on the Web. ShopzSeries provides a self-service planning and ordering capability on the Web. You can order system/product upgrades for either ServerPac or CBPDO. ShopzSeries includes the following significant functions:

  • Prefilling of the checklist. ShopzSeries will analyze and prefill the order checklist when you submit your existing installed inventory to the tool.
  • Full automation of processing orders that do not require license changes. Orders that include new or changed licenses will be routed to the IBM Sales Center.
  • Access to software inventory reports through the Customer Analysis Tool.
  • Ordering of service-only CBPDOs.

ShopzSeries support for maintenance includes ordering corrective service by PTFs or APARs and Recommended Service Upgrade (RSU) preventive service. In addition, service orders can be received on traditional media or the Internet. For an RSU order, you can upload your SMP/E CSI installed service inventory, which is used to customize your order and eliminate duplicate service.

Get status for a software order you've already placed: IBM US software order status.


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