Workload Management

With so many workloads competing for resources, it can be difficult to sort out and manage the different levels of workload service classes. Low important work may hold a resource and high important work may have to wait for it. The Workload Management task can help simplify the creation, modification, and review of z/OS® Workload Manager (WLM) service definitions.

For example, if you want to optimize a service definition based on best practices, it could take hours to read through the z/OS WLM-related manuals. With z/OSMF, this task can be potentially reduced to minutes because the best practices are built into the Workload Management task.

The Workload Management task:

  • Is an intuitive editor that allows you to select, edit, copy, and paste service definitions, manage and activate service policies, and monitor the WLM status in the sysplex.
  • Has direct access to the WLM Couple Data Set to install and extract service definitions.
  • Offers different views (table-based, HTML-based) that you can use to quickly analyze, review, or edit service definitions.
  • Provides sorting and filtering capabilities that you can use to customize a view and display the optimal data for a particular edit or analysis task.
  • Allows you to directly navigate between the different parts of the service definition via one click.
  • Supports fine-grained authorization to better control which users can view, install, or modify service definitions. 1
  • Persists user settings and preferences between z/OSMF sessions, obviating the need to re-establish settings manually. 1
  • Provides in-context application linking between the Resource Monitoring task and the Workload Management task and also between the System Status task and the Workload Management task. This provides easier navigation and enables a more productive experience for systems programmers, operators, and others using z/OSMF. 2
Screen capture of the Service Definitions table in the Workload Management task.


This capability is provided as of z/OSMF V1R13.
This capability is provided as of z/OSMF V1R13 with APAR PM74508 and APAR PM74517.

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