The ISPF task enables you to open and launch classic z/OS® ISPF sessions directly from z/OSMF. You can open multiple sessions in multiple panes and navigate to all line mode ISPF applications from z/OSMF.

Additionally, this interface makes the ISPF applications URL addressable and thus allows the ability to directly launch to ISPF-based functions from z/OSMF tasks or from external applications. For example, you can launch from the Incident Log task directly to browse a log snapshot data set in ISPF.

You can view up to four ISPF screen sessions at the same time. The panels appear similar to classic 3270 layout and can be navigated using both mouse and keyboard. Additional tabs allow you to navigate to other ISPF panels, and TSO/E messages are displayed in a popup window.

Screen capture of the main page in the z/OSMF ISPF task.

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