Manage z/OS® environments with ease with IBM® z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF).

z/OSMF provides a web-based interface that allows you to manage various aspects of your z/OS systems through a browser at any time, from any location.

Screen capture of the z/OSMF Welcome page. Click to view full size image.

Let us provide your team with:

  • Comprehensive support for new users: With its supportive framework of automated tasks, wizards, tool tips, and online user assistance, z/OSMF can help the beginner overcome the z/OS learning curve. Now your trainees can become more productive quickly and reduce the chance of errors.
  • Advanced capabilities for experienced users: With advanced capabilites designed for expert users, even the most experienced user will find z/OSMF useful in performing a variety of z/OS system management tasks. Typical uses for z/OSMF include viewing, defining, and updating policies that affect system behavior, monitoring the performance of the systems in your enterprise, and managing your z/OS software.
  • Flexible framework: Need more function? In addition to its many built-in capabilites for managing systems, z/OSMF provides a modular framework that you can expand through the addition of new functions. With its sophisticated linking capability, z/OSMF allows you to bring together the web-based applications you commonly use when managing your z/OS systems, providing seamless navigation between disparate applications. When adding functions is this easy, why not make z/OSMF your central z/OS management facility?

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