Mobile Systems Management of z/OS

Thank you very much for participating in our customer call on Wednesday 15. February 2017, 2-3 pm (CEST):

The presentation can be downloaded here: Customer Call Presentation (February 2017)

zEvent is a notification and monitoring app for the management of IBM z/OS systems enabling to quickly react to critical system messages, process failures, or resource shortages.

zEvent receives and displays system events and snapshots sent via push messages and aims to provide system administrators with sufficient information to assess important situations on the mobile device. Based on this information, the administrator can decide whether the system event requires immediate attention.

The notification can be enriched with context information. This information coupled with zEvent's integrated interfaces to z/OS tools, such as IBM Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) and IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF), allows to drill down and pinpoint the system message source. Using these monitoring facilities, the administrator can then decide whether a direct reaction at his workspace is required.

The app is focused on z/OS systems and is tailored to functionality provided by z/OS, which is a prerequisite to exploit the full capabilities of this app.

We are happy to announce the new release of IBM zEvent v3.1.0., being available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play:

This release contains new functionality to handle arrived messages: delete possibilities are extended and unread messages functionality is added. In addition, new keywords for notifications categories are supported, namely “error”, “warn”, “info” and “action”. Moreover, mute notifications feature is introduced: now it is possible to turn on the mute mode on a server in order not to be disturbed by new notifications.


IBM zEvent Introduction Video:

IBM zEvent Introduction Video

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