The best of both worlds

The UNIX® System Services element of z/OS® is tightly integrated into the operating system. You get the best of both worlds: UNIX and z/OS.  UNIX System Services is a key element of our open and distributed computing strategy.

Fast facts about z/OS UNIX

  • It is a certified UNIX system and an integral element of z/OS. 
  • WebSphere® Application Server, CICS®, IMS™ , Java™  Runtime, Tuxedo, DB2®, WebSphere MQ, SAP R/3, Lotus Domino, and Oracle Web Server all use z/OS UNIX.
  • z/OS UNIX applications can communicate with DB2®, CICS, IMS, and WebSphere MQ. WebSphere Application Server on z/OS using the Optimized Local Adapters support (WOLA) provides direct communication between z/OS UNIX applications and Websphere Application Server applications on z/OS.
  • z/OS UNIX is built for the enterprise where you can prioritize workloads for high performance when running with a mixed workload.
  • There is a broad range of ISV applications ported to z/OS UNIX.
  • z/OS UNIX has a hierarchical file system familiar to UNIX users.
  • Applications can work with data in both  the z/OS UNIX file systems and traditional MVS™ data sets.  MVS programs can access UNIX files, and UNIX programs can access MVS data sets. 
  • The SMB File and Print Server enables a distributed file sharing infrastructure for z/OS UNIX files and Windows® workstations.
  • Users can choose which interface they want to use: the standard shell, 3270, or the ISPF interfaces.

Advantages of z/OS UNIX

  • z/OS applications can take advantage of all the enterprise services
    • Workload Manager to manage the allocation of physical resources to maximize system responsiveness.
    • High performance of database access
    • Access to the two-phase commit protocol provided by Resource Recovery Services (RRS)
    • Access to advanced security features of RACF® 
  • Enterprise-class applications and middleware
  • Extensive support in the marketplace

z/OS UNIX and traditional UNIX

z/OS UNIX system Traditional UNIX system
  • Manage and secure system resources from a single point.
  • Consistently runs near 100% utilization.
  • WLM gives UNIX applications extra resources to manage tasks.
  • Manage and secure each system's resources individually.
  • A dedicated UNIX system usually runs at about 50-70% utilization.
  • Without any job management, traditional UNIX systems can become disabled.

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