Overview of SMP/E

SMP/E is the basic tool for installing and maintaining software in z/OS systems and subsystems. It controls these changes at the element level by:

  • Selecting the proper levels of elements to be installed from a large number of potential changes
  • Calling system utility programs to install the changes
  • Keeping records of the installed changes

SMP/E is an integral part of the installation, service, and maintenance processes for z/OS software products and product packages, such as CBPDO, ProductPac, RefreshPac, and selective follow-on service for CustomPac. In addition, SMP/E can be used to install and service any software that is packaged in SMP/E system modification (SYSMOD) format.

SMP/E can be run either using batch jobs or using dialogs under Interactive System Productivity Facility/Program Development Facility (ISPF/PDF). SMP/E dialogs help you interactively query the SMP/E database, as well as create and submit jobs to process SMP/E commands.

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V3.6 | V3.5 | V3.4

Guide to fix category values and descriptions
Provides information on category values and how to use them.

Planning and Migration Assistant (PMA)
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