z/OS Resource Measurement Facility (RMF)

RMF is IBM's strategic product for z/OS performance measurement and management. It is the base product to collect performance data for z/OS and sysplex environments to monitor systems' performance behavior and allows you to optimally tune and configure your system according to your business needs.

RMF - real value for the customer

RMF is designed to ease the management of single or multiple system workload and to enable faster reaction to system delays. Detecting a possible bottleneck early means that corrective actions can be taken earlier. System delays are avoided or at least remedied at an early stage.

System programmers are supported by several reports that ease their work, helping them to tune their system optimally. Consequently, this leads to fewer workload problems and, most important, increases system and operator productivity, a fact that makes the company as a whole more effective at less cost.

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March 2017