IBM Print Services Facility (PSF) for z/OS


Several Windows® programs that might be useful when you are using PSF are available to download and install on your workstation. These programs include:

AFP™ Printer Driver runs on a Windows workstation and creates output in AFP format to allow printing on any of IBM's AFP printers controlled by PSF for z/OS®.

AFP Viewer plug-in runs on a Windows workstation and displays documents that are in AFP format, such as documents downloaded from the z/OS host or from Web documents. The AFP Viewer plug-in requires or Mozilla Firefox (Version or later) or Microsoft® Internet Explorer (Version 3.01, Level 4.70.1215 or later).

Infoprint® Port Monitor lets you print from Windows applications to any z/OS printer that is defined to Infoprint Server and your Windows system. The Infoprint Port Monitor requires that Microsoft TCP/IP protocol is configured and operational. The Infoprint Port Monitor is a component of Infoprint Server.

You can install one or more of the Infoprint Server components, depending on your needs:

  • To print to AFP printers, install the AFP Printer Driver and the Infoprint Port Monitor.
  • To print to non-AFP printers, install the Infoprint Port Monitor.
  • To view files that are in AFP format, install the AFP Viewer plug-in; to print AFP files to non-AFP printers on the z/OS system, also install the Infoprint Port Monitor.

Note: You do not need to install the Infoprint Port Monitor or the AFP Printer Driver on your workstation if your Windows administrator has installed it on the Windows server and used it to configure the z/OS printers as shared printers. However, to use the AFP Viewer plug-in, you need to install the AFP Viewer plug-in on your own workstation.

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