IBM Print Services Facility (PSF) for z/OS

PSF V4R4 enhancements

PSF V4R4 provides the following enhancements::

  • Consolidation of print messages with use of the Infoprint® Server common message log
  • Support for IPv6
  • Enhancements to Advanced Function Presentation (AFP™) bar code processing  
  • Support to allow Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images
  • Enhanced support for Unicode  
  • Support for a larger number of copies of a data set
  • Support for PTOCA Text Objects which allows text to be stored as resource objects and mapped to the PTOCA presentation space
  • Support for the latest AFP IS/3 standard for improved integration of multi-vendor AFP-based systems, and improved color, image, and font management.

PSF V4R3 provides the following capabilities:

  • New bar code capabilities to support the use of bar codes in applications (for use with mail optimization for postal savings, for example), and to control automated workflows.
  • Improved color management:
    • Color Conversion Color Management Resources (CMRs) can now pass through CMYK colors more easily.
    • Indexed CMRs map indexed colors in the data to output device colors or colorant combinations enables easier migration of existing color applications to newer color printer technologies.
    • Process colors can be specified as the default color in the data descriptor for a Graphics Object Content Architecture object, providing full color image reproduction in very high quality.
  • New finishing options enable applications to specify documents to be bound into booklets, or trimmed to a specified size required by the finished document.
  • New messages and error handling improve PSF quality and provide additional diagnostic information. An example is Composition Error Handling, providing capability to hold jobs on the spool when the print data requests a medium map that is not found in the Form definition.

Many significant enhancements have been made to the AFP Download Plus and ACIF, both separately priced features of PSF. Enhancements include:

AFP Download Plus

  • Improved performance and resource utilization, additional info in the AFPSTATS report, reduced TCP/IP commands, control over transmit recovery interval, sending error messages and separator pages to the receiver to better coordinate print production:
    • Option to send Mixed Object Document Content Architecture™ data directly to the receiving system without storing it in a temporary file in the working directory
    • Change the transmission recovery interval with a new AFPPARMS control statement parameter
    • Send an error message data set to the receiver when errors stop transformation
    • Send the active PSF for z/OS separator pages to the receiver


  • The COLORMAP parameter has been added to allow users to specify color mapping tables.
  • The IDXCPGID, MVSINCV, and NOINCV values have been added to the EXTENSIONS parameter
  • New and updated messages
  • Note, ACIF can run on any z/OS system with or without PSF

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