IBM Print Services Facility (PSF) for z/OS

Features and benefits
Feature Benefits
Fully integrated, automated, system-managed printing.
  • To help ensure that your output is printed accurately and completely, without missing or duplicate pages, and to meet critical print windows, PSF provides full resource management and page-level error recovery.
  • When PSF printers are defined in the Printer Inventory with the Infoprint® Server feature of z/OS®, operators can easily monitor print jobs and printers from an easy-to-use Web-based graphical interface.
AFP™ Download Plus for PSF. Automate the process for generating print-ready files. As a result, you can help reduce the likelihood of errors, accelerate print outsourcing, support business recovery, balance workloads and reduce operational costs.
Output processing in a variety of formats, including traditional MVS™ line data, AFP data stream, unformatted print records and XML. Skip the time and expense of re-programming applications. PSF and supporting AFP software let you re-format applications to add electronic forms, change fonts, move data around and more.
Integration with Infoprint Server for z/OS and the Infoprint Transform products.
  • Add the reliability and control of system-managed printing to your LAN-based print workloads, and at the same time, leverage your investment in AFP printers.
  • Jobs submitted to Infoprint Server can be transformed from a variety of common data streams including SAP/R3,PCL, PostScript® and PDF into AFP, or Xerox datastreams (LCDS (Line Conditioned Data Stream) and Metacode) into AFP. In addition, AFP applications can be transformed into PCL, PostScript or PDF for printing on non-AFP distributed printers, for e-mailing, or for Web presentation.
Support for standard TrueType and OpenType font technologies.
  • Standardize your entire printing and presentation environment on a single font technology
  • Eliminate the problems associated with font substitution
  • Create documents using the same fonts used in PC-based graphics and composition programs
Support for printing Unicode data. Because TrueType and OpenType font technologies are now incorporated into AFP architecture and product, you can print application output encoded in the Unicode standard for global language support.
Productivity tools¹
  • AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility (ACIF) feature
  • AFP Upload feature
  • Download for z/OS
  • AFP Statistics (AFPSTATS) report
  • PSF display functions
Save time managing print applications and boost the efficiency of your printer operations.
PSF productivity tools can help you:
  • Manage applications for archival systems
  • Produce detail and summary reports of application resources and characteristics
  • Display TCP/IP status and printer information
Support for color applications using industry standard AFP architecture with end-to-end color management
  • A strong color management foundation using industry-standards built into the AFP architecture.
  • Consistent color output across different devices and data streams.
  • Flexible control of color content at many levels of the job or document.
  • System management of color objects to enable very high-speed production printing

  1. May include separately priced products and product features.

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