IBM Print Services Facility (PSF) for z/OS


PSF Base
Requests jobs from JES spool, accesses and manages print resources, drives IPDS™ printers, performs error recovery, creates accounting records, and provides AFP™ statistics about the print file. PSF can process the following data types:

  • z/OS® line data
  • Native AFP data (also called MO:DCA™)
  • Mixed line data and AFP data
  • Unformatted records with self-identifying headers
  • XML-tagged data

Download for z/OS
Automatically sends print jobs from the JES spool to an IBM System p® or System x® server over TCP/IP. A print or archive server such as Infoprint® Manager or Content Manager OnDemand receives the jobs for printing or archiving (optional, priced feature of PSF).

AFP Download Plus
Automatically packages print jobs with their attributes and resources, converts line data, XML data, or mixed data to MO:DCA, and secures the file before sending it to a remote system or print server (optional feature of PSF).

AFP Upload
Automatically sends print jobs from AIX™ over TCP/IP or SNA to the JES spool for printing by PSF (optional, priced feature of PSF).

AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility (ACIF)
Converts line data into the AFP data stream using formatting instructions in a page definition. Optionally, print files can be indexed for searching with an AFP browser plug-in, tagged into groups and bundled with the print jobs resources for archival and retrieval (optional, priced feature of PSF).

Compatibility Fonts
Provides a set of 240 dpi and 300 dpi raster fonts that are compatible with the typefaces commonly used on typewriters and on older printers (optional no-charge feature of PSF).


PSF runs on any supported z/OS operating system.

Fonts are provided through one of the following sources:

  • IBM Compatibility Fonts, optional PSF for z/OS feature
  • z/OS Font Collection, a base element of z/OS Version 2 Release 1
  • IBM AFP Font Collection (5648-B33)
  • Infoprint Fonts for z/OS (5648-E76)
  • Infoprint Fonts for Multiplatforms (5648-E77), includes optional WorldType Fonts for AFP Print Servers feature

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