IBM Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA)

Features and benefits
Feature Benefits
Page definitions (PAGEDEFS) and form definitions (FORMDEFS). Achieve superior control and flexibility over the arrangement of variable data on the page and how the printer should handle the physical sheets of paper.
Enhanced functionality. Save time and create professional-looking documents with functionality such as selection of outline fonts in a variety of styles and sizes, specification of highlight or full process color, inclusion of bar codes in many symbologies, selection of finishing options for ready-to-deliver documents, and more.
Format output from new e-business applications that output XML for printing on your AFP™ production printers. AFP page layouts support formatting of applications that generate output in the standard XML format for business application data interchange. No need to convert data before processing it for production printing.
Support for AFP and industry standard font technologies. Use PPFA to select either traditional AFP fonts, or fonts in the standard TrueType and OpenType font technologies commonly used by document composition and graphics programs.

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