IBM Infoprint Server and print transforms for z/OS

Complementary Products

You can use any of these IBM products or programs with Infoprint® Server for z/OS:

Print Services Facility™ provides the system support for AFP™/IPDS™ printing on z/OS®. This includes automatic resource management, end-to-end management of the print job with page level error recovery, and integrated SMF accounting. PSF printers can be defined in the Infoprint Server inventory and managed using Infoprint Central for an integrated, enterprise-wide output solution of both AFP and non-AFP print.

Page Printer Formatting Aid/370 (PPFA) lets you create formatting resources (page and form definitions) for use with printers driven by PSF.

Infoprint XT for z/OS provides conversion of Xerox resources, and print files containing LCDS and metacode commands, for printing on AFP/IPDS printers.

InfoPrint Port Monitor for Windows  lets you print from Microsoft Windows applications to any printer that is defined to z/OS Infoprint Server and to the Microsoft Windows system.

Server Message Block (SMB)  is a protocol of the IBM Distributed File Service that Microsoft Windows clients an use to make remote print requests to z/OS printers that are connected to Infoprint Server for z/OS.

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