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Print Services Facility™ for z/OS® (PSF for z/OS)
is an IBM licensed printer-driver subsystem that manages and controls data transmitted to Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) printers. PSF enables: automated print processes, system management of print files, attributes, and resources, as well as page-level error recovery, accounting, extensive diagnostics, and print process statistics. PSF sophistication, resilience, and diagnostics are unmatched by other print management systems. AFP is an industry standard architecture as defined the multi-vendor AFP Consortium.

Infoprint Server for z/OS
Infoprint® Server for z/OS and IBM transforms products can provide an end-to-end print solution designed for e-business and enterprise-wide information delivery. Infoprint Server for z/OS is an optional, separately priced feature of z/OS. Infoprint Server for z/OS manages your distributed print environment on System z. Infoprint Server for z/OS can manage your z/OS and consolidate network and production printing. With PSF, consolidation can be achieved on a single, scalable, reliable, fully integrated System z server, helping to reduce costs. Management is made possible through a web-based GUI.

Transforms for z/OS
IBM transform products can convert data streams from AFP to PCL, PDF and PostScript, and from PCL, PDF, PostScript and Xerox format to AFP. These separately priced Transforms:

  • Provide flexibility for ease of tailoring to your business needs
  • Leverage AFP production applications by printing them on PCL or PostScript printers on enterprise networks
  • Leverage reliable, high-speed AFP printers to consolidate PCL, PostScript and PDF application output on z/OS and deliver output at a lower cost per page
  • Re-purpose AFP applications by converting them to PDF for delivery as e-mail, or on a Web site or portal, thus reducing print output costs

Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA)
Save the time and expense of changing application programs, use PPFA to turn unformatted or simply formatted EBCDIC or ASCII line data into versatile, AFP electronic documents. Where more flexible, dynamic documents are required, advanced PPFA formatting capabilities and special page layout functions for XML data can be used.

Overlay Generation Language (OGL)
Create electronic forms to replace pre-printed forms, and enhance information layout and readability using a simple command language designed for use by non-programmers.

z/OS Font Collection
z/OS Font Collection, a base element of z/OS Version 2 Release 1, contains a comprehensive set of fonts that replaces the fonts from these IBM products:

  • AFP outline fonts from Infoprint Fonts
  • AFP raster fonts from AFP Font Collection
  • WorldType fonts (TrueType and OpenType fonts) from IBM Infoprint Fonts for Multiplatforms

z/OS Font Collection also includes:

  • A complete set of IBM Expanded Core fonts
  • A set of legacy Math, PI, and Sonoran 240 pel raster fonts
  • Compatibility fonts, which are also a feature of PSF for z/OS

Infoprint Fonts
The Infoprint Fonts products contains the AFP outline versions of the IBM Expanded Core Fonts. Infoprint for z/OS Fonts and Infoprint Fonts for Multiplatforms are available as separate products. In addition to AFP outline fonts, Infoprint Fonts for Multiplatforms has these optional features: WorldType Fonts for AFP Print Servers and a Font Installer for AFP Systems, Type Transformer and Utilities for creating new fonts or making changes to existing ones, and the FontLab utility for designing custom fonts using Type 1 or Truetype outlines. Note that Infoprint Fonts for z/OS does not contain WorldType Fonts for AFP Print Servers.

AFP Font Collection
Enhance the readability of your documents and help make them clear, organized and accessible. The IBM AFP Font Collection allows you to use typography to control the appearance of business communications.

Infoprint XT for z/OS
Boost productivity by migrating legacy applications that contain Xerox LCDS and metacode data to IBM AFP printers, and standardizing your printing environment on a single datastream for easier, less costly print operations management.

Document Composition Facility (DCF)
Create large, complex, printed mission-critical documents using a powerful markup language with a comprehensive range of formatting capabilities.

AFP Toolbox
Create complex, high-value documents with an easy-to-use programming tool.

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