Why IBM mainframe servers?

IBM z Systems mainframes deliver blazing fast response time, extreme reliability with near 100% uptime, instant insights, and fortified security. These servers were made for cloud, blockchain and cognitive computing.

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Have you met IBM z13s?

The new z13s mainframe offers evolving security built for the hybrid cloud. All the greatness of the z13, but in a smaller, even more affordable package.

IBM z13

The new generation mainframe system offers unprecedented capacity and processing power, speeds real-time insight, and protects transactions to minimize client exposure and risk of cyber threats. It is simply the best mainframe system on the market today.

IBM z13s

The newest IBM mainframe offers the unique capabilities of the z13 –packaged in a smaller footprint and affordable price. IBM z13s delivers a lower entry point for a highly available and secure system – ready for hybrid cloud and real-time analytics.


This earlier generation mainframe server offers analytics to identify unusual system and application behavior, coprocessor compression technology so compressed data can be kept active and SSD memory to improve availability during workload spikes. Upgrading? Consider IBM z13.


This entry point for mainframe computing, delivers granular growth options with a low cost structure. Since its introduction clients have benefited from its resiliency, security and virtualization capabilities for cloud, analytics and consolidation. Upgrading? Consider IBM z13s.

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GDPS, or “Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex, can manage high availability and potential disaster recovery needs from any virtual location.

I/O connectivity

IBM mainframes can have up to 1024 individual channels for input and output (I/O) connectivity with plenty of room for scalability and “always on” capability.

LSPR for z Systems

The Large System Performance Reference or (LSPR) ratios are IBM's assessment of relative processor capacity in an unconstrained environment for specific benchmark workloads and system control programs.


IBM z Systems servers provide an advanced combination of reliability, availability, security, scalability and virtualization, together with the ability to re-allocate processing via power matching to adapt and change business networking priorities on demand.

Parallel Sysplex

Multi-system data sharing technology allows direct and concurrent read/write access to shared data from all processing nodes in the configuration without sacrificing performance or data integrity.


With, IBM z Systems mainframe servers, planned outages are a thing of the past, allowing applications to stay up 24 x 7, all while making concurrent changes to the environment if needed.


IBM mainframe servers offer enterprise security across cloud, blockchain and analytics. IBM z Systems anticipate vulnerabilities and provide multiple levels of security from infrastructure to endpoint.

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With z Systems, you benefit from the technical innovations built for the world's most trusted server and lowest cost per transaction system

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