IBM z Systems Integrated Information Processor (zIIP)

What it does

The IBM z Systems Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) is available on the IBM z13 processor, IBM zEnterprise (zEnterprise™), System z10, and System z9 servers. It is designed to help free-up general computing capacity and lower overall total cost of computing for select data and transaction processing workloads for business intelligence (BI), ERP and CRM, and select network encryption workloads on the mainframe1.

zIIPs cannot be IPL'd and cannot run any operating systems. They allow customers to purchase additional processing power exclusively for select data serving environments without affecting the total MSU rating or machine model designation. IBM does not impose IBM software charges on zIIP (or zAAP) capacity. Additional IBM software charges apply when additional general purpose CP capacity is used. Also, zIIPs (and zAAPs) may have the effect of reducing charges for sub-capacity eligible IBM software products by lowering the rolling 4-hour average MSUs for LPARs with assigned zIIPs/zAAPs.

In the IBM z13, zIIP specialty engines will also run workloads that are eligible to run on zAAP specialty engines. zAAP engines will no longer be supported beginning with the z13 and customers should plan to run their zAAP eligible workloads on zIIPs. Consolidating both zIIP and zAAP eligible workloads onto one specialty engine should make planning easier for customers.

In addition, Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) support for zIIP processors on z13 servers is designed to offer throughput improvements to address the growing volume of zIIP-eligible work, such as Java-based WebSphere Application Server transactions and XML parsing.

zIIP eligible workloads include portions of the following:

What it means

The zIIP better enables data to be centralized on the mainframe. The ease and economy of this solution helps break down the walls between transactional data stores on the mainframe and applications that run on distributed computers.

IBM zIIPs (and zAAPs) can offer a number of advantages:

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