International Business Machines Corporation has successfully completed compatibility and interoperability testing of the IBM DS8880 products in IBM z Systems environment.

Please see the below attached qualification letter for a summary of the results.

GDPS is designed to work with Metro Mirror (PPRC), z/OS Global Mirror (XRC), or Global Mirror disk replication protocols. These protocols are not only supported by the IBM TotalStorage DS6000 and DS8000 family of disk, but also made available to any vendor. Some disk features require specific commands that need to be sent to the disk subsystem. A matrix showing what is required for which features can be found in:

Hitachi, Ltd.

International Business Machines Corporation and Hitachi, Ltd. have successfully completed compatibility and interoperability testing of Hitachi products in IBM System z environments.

GDPS Qualified DWDM Vendors

These vendor products have been tested and qualified by IBM using the same laboratories and procedures used to test all aspects of a GDPS environment. This testing includes functionality, recovery, and in some cases performance measurements. Vendor products qualified for Server Time Protocol (STP) are also included.

Click on the link above or go to IBM ResourceLink (registration is required). On the "Navigation Bar" on the left column, click on link "Library." Under section "Hardware Products for Servers" click on link "System z Qualified Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM) products for GDPS solutions."

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