Learn about IBM enhancements to extend software-defined storage for multi-cloud and AI workloads

Modernise and transform your IT infrastructure

Today's IT infrastructures are driven by data with multi-cloud and AI applications. They demand new ways to address data growth while containing costs and enabling rapid response to business imperatives. The IBM Spectrum Storage family meets these demands.

Meet all your SDS needs

Meet all your SDS needs

Get a complete storage software solution that includes both data protection and an SDS infrastructure with a common user experience.

Modernise your storage

Bring capabilities like hybrid cloud to your existing infrastructure. Also satisfy new business-critical needs such as analytics and AI.

Plan with confidence

Plan with confidence

Take a new approach to deploying SDS that simplifies acquisition and reduces costs compared to buying individual offerings separately.

Data protect

Data protection software

Data protection software makes copies of data for backup, recovery, low cost archive, or to enable new uses of data such as DevOps support

IBM Spectrum Protect

Delivers reliable, efficient data protection and resiliency for software defined, virtual, physical, and cloud environments. Reduces costs and gives enterprises a single point of control.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Simplifies data recovery and access for virtual machines. Can be deployed in minutes and protect your virtual environment within an hour, as a standalone solution or integrated with IBM Spectrum Protect.

IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management

Makes copies available to data consumers when and where they need them, without creating unnecessary copies or leaving unused copies on valuable storage. Deploys as a virtual machine in about 15 minutes.

IBM Spectrum Archive

Enables direct, intuitive and graphical access to data stored in IBM tape drives and libraries. Access and mange files on tape as easily as if they were on hard disk, while reducing storage costs for data that doesn't need primary disk storage.


Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

SDS infrastructure software enables data storage, access, and management on a flexible range of platforms and deployment models including on-premises, hybrid, private, or public cloud

IBM Spectrum Accelerate

Hyperconverged software-defined block storage for VMware, Docker and mixed workloads – across private, hybrid and public cloud. Deploy this enterprise storage platform in 30 minutes or less using your choice of x86 servers.

IBM Spectrum NAS

SDS reduces hardware needs and CapEx by working with industry-standard x86 servers deployed as high-performance scale-out storage clusters. Symmetric architecture reduces bottlenecks or hotspots as the cluster scales.

IBM Spectrum Scale

Proven SDS can manage up to one billion petabytes of unstructured data. Global shared access to data with unified file, object and HDFS support enables unprecedented savings and agility for clusters, clouds and analytics.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize

Leading SDS controller software supports more than 400 storage systems from IBM and others. Reduces costs and improves efficiency with compression, automated tiering, encryption, and support for containers and hybrid cloud.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Highly scalable, secure, on-premises SDS stores, protects and enables easy access to unstructured data. Get started with as little as 72TB and grow to exabytes with investment protection.

IBM Spectrum Control

Efficient infrastructure management for virtual, physical, file, object and SDS. Easily transition to new workloads and infrastructures using predictive analytics, which can reduce storage costs as much as 50%.

IBM Storage Insights

Cloud-based service provides unparalleled visibility across your storage environment to help you manage complexity and make cost-saving decisions. Combines proven IBM data management leadership with proprietary analytics from IBM Research.

IBM Spectrum Connect

Fast, easy integration of storage in multiple cloud environments. Enables provisioning, monitoring, automating and orchestrating of IBM block storage in containerized, VMware and Microsoft PowerShell environments.