Learn about IBM enhancements to extend software-defined storage for multi-cloud and AI workloads

Future-proof your IT infrastructure as next-generation applications come online

IBM SDS frees your data and team to easily adapt to new workloads and enable to-the-cloud initiatives. It's key to deploying a hybrid cloud for metered, on-demand consumption of public/private cloud resources. See why IBM is ranked #2 in worldwide storage in both market share and revenue.


Cost reduction with analytics-driven data management


Lower TCO with fast data retention for active archive data


More data can be stored by virtualising mixed environments

The case for SDS: the digital transformation imperative

Learn why SDS enables the next-generation of IT infrastructure. IDC shows the top benefits, workloads, challenges and vendor considerations.

IBM is the only vendor to offer a bundled suite of SDS products

Get unlimited access to the IBM Spectrum family including IBM COS and IBM Spectrum Protect. IBM Spectrum Storage Suite offers licencing with simple per TB pricing. You can save up to 40 percent compared with licencing the products separately.

Or, you can purchase individual SDS products to address your specific use cases

Securely Grow

Manage data growth from under 100TB to many petabytes with ease. You gain leading data integrity and security and native hybrid cloud options.

Exceed expectations

Optimise big data analytics and clustered applications with high-performance, scalable storage that enables global collaboration, simplifies workflows and lowers costs with cloud tiering.

Reduce storage OpEx and CapEx

Reduce downtime, add features and unify storage from over 400 storage systems to make block storage more efficient, agile and cloud-ready.


Get the lowest cost, reliable data storage and the protection of airgap with simplified tape access and the rapid deployment of SDS.

Build your cloud

Deploy an enterprise data storage platform on-premises, on IBM Cloud or on your private cloud. Enable rapid deployment of the DNA of IBM’s fastest systems on your choice of x86 servers.

Deploy NAS clusters

Reduce CapEx. SDS works with x86 to form high-performance scale-out storage clusters. Self-balancing symmetric architecture reduces bottlenecks or hotspots, and avoids any single point of failure.

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Comprehensive infrastructure management

Simplify and automate storage provisioning, capacity management, availability monitoring and reporting.

Data protection you can trust

Whether it's back up, disaster recovery, data governance or solutions for DevOps, IBM modernises data protection to meet today's most difficult business challenges.

Flexibly provision and deploy

Deliver VMware and Container support on IBM Storage with solutions for IBM Cloud Private or tailored to your environment.