IBM LTO Ultrium 6 Full High Tape Drive

Increased capacity and performance for cost- and energy-efficient data protection and preservation

Feature Benefits
576 GB/hour (160 MBps) native data transfer rate
  • Faster data backup and retrieval
2.5 TB native cartridge capacity
  • Ability to store more data as data protection and retention needs grow
2.5:1 data compression
  • Provides up to 6.25 GB compressed cartridge capacity (more than double that of LTO Ultrium 5)
  • Improves data throughput and reduces media storage space requirements
Skip sync
  • Reduces backhitching when writing to tape
  • Improves tape cartridge reliability and read/write performance
Speed matching
  • Dynamically matches tape speed to host data transfer rate
  • Improves tape cartridge reliability and longevity by preventing “shoe-shining”
Data safe mode
  • Provides device-level write protection; can be enabled/disabled§
  • Provides additional data security by preventing accidental overwriting of data already on the cartridge
Partitioning and Linear Tape File System
  • Enables data file search and retrieval using directory tree structures and drag-and-drop techniques
  • Significantly enhances data access and retrieval
  • Potentially reduces or eliminates software licensing costs and dependencies for data retrieval from tape

§ May not meet regulatory requirements in some industries, states or countries.

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