What can it do for your business?

IBM Spectrum Virtualize enables software-defined storage in your physical infrastructure to improve data value, security and simplicity.

The benefits of IBM Spectrum Virtualize are proven in thousands of installations. Deploying this software on x86-based servers now provides new opportunities for hybrid cloud deployments and hosted private clouds.

Businesses using storage-as-a-service providers or co-location data centers can deploy IBM Spectrum Virtualize to experience the same benefits, both at the service provider location and in their own data center.

Service providers can deploy IBM Spectrum Virtualize to improve efficiency and offer new services to their clients.

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Improving scalability, flexibility and security

  • Improve hybrid cloud and storage deployment flexibility with support for x86 servers
  • Enjoy consistent management for on-premises and cloud storage regardless of storage type
  • Replicate from on-premises storage to cloud storage using familiar snapshots and remote mirroring
  • Help improve data security with software-based encryption
  • Enhance storage functions, economics and flexibility with sophisticated virtualization
  • Manage and protect the huge volumes of data organizations use for big-data analytics and new cognitive workloads
  • Move data among virtualized storage systems without disruption for load balancing or asset replacement

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  • Deploys on-premises or in the cloud on x86 servers
  • Supports almost 400 different storage systems from a wide range of vendors
  • Uses compression to increase the amount of data you can store in the same space by up to five times
  • Improves storage performance so you can get more done with your data
  • Enables software-based encryption to improve data security
  • Eliminates storage downtime with nondisruptive movement of data from one type of storage to another
  • Integrates with virtualization software such as VMware vCenter to improve agility with automated provisioning of storage and easy deployment of new storage technologies
  • Supports common capabilities across all types of storage, providing flexibility in storage acquisition by allowing a mix of vendors in the storage infrastructure

Virtualization is a core enabling technology for public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures, delivering the efficiency and flexibility clouds require.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize software enables enterprises, service providers or solutions integrators to deploy servers and decide what role the servers will play by installing different software. Using server virtualization software, servers become compute engines, but with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, they transform storage.

In these deployments, cloud infrastructures become more flexible and acquisition and deployment are streamlined.

Features and benefits

Feature Benefits
Data value Uses compression to increase the amount of data stored by up to five times
Moves data to the most appropriate type of storage based on policies you define using IBM Spectrum Control to optimize storage
Uses thin provisioning to conserve physical space
Data security Improves data security with software-based encryption
Improves data availability with fully duplexed copies of data and automatic switchover across data centers
Data simplicity Improves agility with automated provisioning of storage and easy deployment of new storage technologies
Simplifies management by consolidating storage, regardless of hardware vendor
Hybrid and hosted private cloud deployment Flexibly deploy servers as compute engines or to transform storage
Conduct administration at service providers or colocation data centers in exactly the same way that it occurs in an on-premises data center
Flexibly replicate data from on-premises storage to the cloud or between clouds


  IBM Spectrum Virtualize as part of SVC or Storwize family systems IBM Spectrum Virtualize software only
Optional functions Purchased separately All-inclusive
Licensing approach Tiered cost per TB (SVC) or per enclosure (Storwize family)
Perpetual and monthly licensing options
Simple, flat cost per capacity
Perpetual and monthly licensing options
Platforms Installed on SVC or Storwize family platforms Installed on third-party x86 platforms
Hardware Runs as an integrated system Runs on supported x86 servers
License portability Transportable among SVC engines
Tied to Storwize hardware
Transportable among different supported x86 servers
Reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) Integrated RAS capabilities Flexible RAS: server hardware diagnostics; software RAS
Service IBM support for hardware and software IBM support for software
Hardware serviced by hardware vendor
Third-party hardware supported N/A Lenovo System x3650 M5
Supermicro SuperServer 2028U-TRTP+
Supported storage systems Almost 400 IBM and non-IBM Almost 400 IBM and non-IBM
For the most current interoperability information, please visit IBM System Storage Interoperation Center at ibm.biz/Interoperation