3490E Tape Cartridges

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Advanced tape technology

The IBM Enhanced Capacity Cartridge System Tape continues the IBM tradition of innovative tape technology by doubling the capacity of the Cartridge System Tape. When used with the IBM 3490 Magnetic Tape Subsystem and other compatible models, this cartridge can increase the capacity—depending on data characteristics —by an average of 12 times when compared to uncompacted, original 3480 tape cartridges.

Advanced tape benefits

The primary benefits of the IBM Enhanced Capacity Cartridge System Tape are operational and space savings since a typical disk volume can be backed up on a single cartridge. In fact, using the Enhanced Capacity Cartridge in the 3490 and other compatible models provides an unattended disk backup capacity of 2.4 GB (based on a 3:1 compaction ratio).

Reducing the number of cartridges required for backup and restore operations can result in fewer cartridges to handle and less tapes in the tape library—simplifying overall operations and saving time, effort, and money.

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