The new IBM Storwize® V5000 is a highly flexible, easy-to-use, hybrid storage solution that enables organizations of all types and sizes with mid-tier application workloads to efficiently and affordably meet the challenges of rapid data growth and limited IT budgets.

IBM Storwize V5000. Outstanding storage with greater flexibility - for midsized businesses. Is your company challanged by an explosion of data and shrinking budgets? In a 451 Research 2013 storage study¹: 47% considered capacity growth as their first storage concern. 21% considered the high cost of storage as their first concern. 20% considered performance to be their fisrt concern. IBM Storwize® V5000 can help: 20% less cost. Get a customizable, powerful, and highly reliable Storwize system for 20% less². 30% less capacity growth. Experience 30% less capacity growth. Experience 30% less capacity growth with external virtualization. 47% management reduction. Reduce your management effort by 47% with advanced GUI³. Software-defined storage: great flexibility, high performance and availability with a virtualized storage infrastructure. Flexibility. Start quickly and add value by customizing your system to your precise requirements. Performance. Optimize network utilization for mirroring over IP with Brisgeworks SANSlide technology. 3X performance with as little as 5% capacity on flash. Availability. Reach 99.999% of availability with innovative and reliable storwize architecture. To learn more about IBM Storwize V5000, visit: Sources: 1. TheinfoPro, "2013 Storage Outlook - Storage Wave 17," 451 Research, June 13, 2013. 2. Storwize V5000 basic configuration with no optional software function vs. a similar competitive configuration. 3. Edson Group, Competitiv Managemtn Cost Study: "IBM Storwize V7000 vs. EMC VNX5500 Storage Systems". To learn more about IBM Storwize v5000, visit: