Realize the value of FlashSystem V9000 now

IBM FlashSystem V9000 is a comprehensive, all-flash enterprise storage solution that offers the advantages of software-defined storage at the speed of flash memory.

With FlashSystem V9000, you gain the high performance, ultra-low latency, superior efficiency and enterprise reliability of IBM FlashCore Technology. Rich storage virtualization features deliver immediate and long-term economic benefits.

See how FlashSystem V9000 provides industry-leading value by performing better, costing less and integrating more easily than any other enterprise storage solution.

Driving a complete paradigm shift to all-flash enterprise storage

  • Scalable performance. Tailor storage solutions to your unique application workloads with scalable performance.
  • Enduring economics. Gain the enduring economic advantages of virtualized flash for less than the cost of disk.
  • Agile integration. Accelerate your time to value with the agile integration capabilities of FlashSystem.
  • Easy. Unlike conventional storage, FlashSystem is easy to deploy, can virtualize legacy systems, and delivers value in hours.

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Why buy IBM FlashSystem V9000?

  • Harness the advantages of software-defined storage at the speed of flash memory
  • Accelerate active data sets with the versatile performance of IBM FlashCore technology
  • Gain enduring flash economics through reduced capital investments today and lower operational expenses for years into the future
  • Move into the cognitive era with agile cloud and analytics solutions that make fast storage simple
  • Deploy market-leading virtualization and storage features including IBM Real-time Compression, dynamic tiering, thin provisioning, data copy services and high-availability configurations
  • Leverage advanced flash management features including IBM Variable Stripe RAID technology, IBM-engineered error correction codes, overprovisioning, ultra-fast write buffers and hardware-based data offloads
  • Achieve even higher capacity densities than previous IBM FlashSystem models and leverage an offload encryption engine, high-speed internal interfaces, and full hot swap and storage capacity scale-out capabilities
  • Provide flexibility and extend functionality to virtualized external storage capacity with management of up to 32 PB of external storage by a single IBM FlashSystem V9000 array

Features and benefits

Feature Benefits
IBM FlashCore technology
  • Combines high performance, ultra-low latency, cost-efficiency and extreme reliability with a rich set of the storage features found in advanced Tier 1 storage solutions
Superior data economics
  • Accelerates time to value through agile, easy-to-implement, fully integrated solution architectures
Feature-rich, software-defined storage layer
  • Virtualizes and extends the functionality of all managed storage
IBM HyperSwap
  • Provides highly available, concurrent access to a single copy of data from data centers up to 300 km (186 miles) apart
  • Enables nondisruptive storage and virtual machine mobility between data centers
Pools the storage capacity of multiple storage systems on a storage area network (SAN)
  • Helps you manage storage as a resource to meet business requirements and not just as a set of boxes
  • Helps administrators better deploy storage as required beyond traditional “SAN islands”
  • Can help increase utilization of storage assets
  • Insulates applications from physical changes to the storage infrastructure
IBM Real-time Compression
  • Increases effective capacity of storage systems up to five times, helping to lower costs, floor-space requirements, power and cooling
  • May be used with a wide range of data, including active primary data, for dramatic savings
Dynamic data migration
  • Migrates data among devices without taking applications using that data offline
  • Manages and scales storage capacity without disrupting applications
Managed tiered storage
  • Helps balance performance needs against infrastructure costs in a tiered storage environment
Advanced network-based copy services
  • Copy data across multiple storage systems with IBM FlashCopy
  • Copy data across metropolitan and global distances as needed to create high-availability storage solutions
Thin provisioning and “snapshot” replication
  • Dramatically reduce physical storage requirements by using physical storage only when data changes
  • Improve storage administrator productivity through automated on-demand storage provisioning
IBM MicroLatency
  • Delivers microsecond response time to accelerate critical applications and achieve competitive advantages
Enterprise reliability
  • Provides fully redundant, hot-swappable components; multiple RAID layers; AES-XTS 256 encryption; and concurrent code upgrades for maximizing uptime and availability
IBM Variable Stripe RAID technology
  • Maintains performance while enhancing reliability without sacrificing usable capacity
Single point of control for storage resources
  • Designed to increase management efficiency
  • Designed to help support business application availability
Easy-to-use IBM Storwize family management interface
  • Single interface for storage configuration, management and service tasks, regardless of storage vendor
  • Helps administrators use their existing storage assets more efficiently


Model 9846/8-AC3, 9846/8-AE2
Flash type 4 x 1.2 TB, 6 x 1.2 TB, 8 x 1.2 TB, 10 x 1.2 TB, 12 x 1.2 TB, 6 x 2.9 TB, 8 x 2.9 TB, 10 x 2.9 TB, 12 x 2.9 TB, 6 x 5.7 TB, 8 x 5.7 TB, 10 x 5.7 TB, 12 x 5.7 TB
Maximum internal flash capacity
  • Scalable from 2.2 TB (usable) up to 456 TB (usable) with full scale-out of control and storage enclosures
  • From 12 TB to 2.2 PB with full scale-out of control and storage enclosures (at 80% reduction with Real-time Compression)
Maximum expansion enclosure capacity
  • Standard expansion enclosures: up to 20 standard expansion enclosures per controller pair (up to 80 total) with up to 9.6 PB raw capacity using NL-SAS HDDs or 29.4 PB raw capacity using SSDs
  • High density expansion enclosures: up to 8 high density expansion enclosures per controller pair (up to 32 total) with up to 29.4 PB raw capacity using NL-SAS HDDs or 32PB raw capacity using SSDs
Maximum external storage capacity
  • External virtualization: Up to 32 PB usable capacity
Maximum performance – per building block (100% read, cache miss)
Minimum latency (4K) 180 µs
IOPS (4K) 750,000
Bandwidth (128K) 9.5 GB/s
Maximum performance – fully scaled out (100% read)
Latency (4K) 180 µss
IOPS (4K) 3,000,000
Bandwidth (256K) 68 GB/s
IOPS (4K) using Real-time Compression 1,200,000
RAS features Two-dimensional flash RAID
  • Module-level IBM Variable Stripe RAID™
  • System-level RAID 5 across modules
Hot-swappable flash modules
Tool-less module installation/replacement
Concurrent code load
Redundant and hot-swappable components
Encryption Data-at-rest AES-XTS 256
Host connectivity options per building block 16 x 16/8/4 Gb Fibre Channel
8 x 10 Gb Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
8 x 10 Gb iSCSI
Virtualization software model 5639-RB7
Tiered solution models 9846/8-12F, 9846/8-24F, 9846/8-92F
Controller CPU Two Intel Xeon E5 v4 Series 8-core 3.2 GHz processors
Controller memory 64 GB standard, up to 256 GB option (per controller)
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 6U x 445 mm x 761 mm (6U x 17.5 in. x 29.96 in.)
Weight 78 kg (171.8 lb) fully loaded

IBM FlashSystem V9000 product tour

See how FlashSystem V9000 delivers extreme performance, greater density, unlimited scalability and mission-critical reliability. Explore product animations including:

  • IBM MicroLatency Module
  • Management Canister
  • Battery Module
  • Power Supply
  • Scale-out configuration, Scale-up and Scale-out, Scale-up configuration, and LFF tiered configuration

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Business value

ESG Economic Value Analysis

Using a detailed, in-depth cost analysis model validated by actual customer interviews, ESG demonstrates how IBM FlashSystem is less expensive than equivalent disk-based enterprise storage systems

IBM FlashCore technology video

The DNA of FlashSystem storage combines high performance, ultra-low latency, cost-efficiency and extreme reliability with a rich set of the storage features


IBM FlashSystem V9000 reduces costs, increases functionality and enables even deeper integration with VMware

Data sheet

IBM FlashSystem V9000 all-flash arrays offer versatile performance, agile integration and enduring economics

Financing IBM Flash Storage

IBM Global Financing can help you finance and manage your IBM Flash Storage investment.


IBM FlashSystem V9000 combines all-flash enterprise storage with industry-leading performance

Technical briefs

Comprestimator Utility

Comprestimator is a command line host-based utility that you can use to estimate an expected compression rate for block devices.

IBM FlashSystem V9000 Version 7.6 Product Guide

New functions include VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVol) support, encryption support for externally virtualized storage, an integrated IBM Comprestimator utility, and more

Product Support

IBM FlashSystem V9000, downloads, documents, tools and resources, tickets, recent social activity, and training.

Faster, Better, Guaranteed.

IBM FlashSystem V9000


IBM MicroLatency performance


Flash memory will be covered for read/write endurance while you are under warranty or maintenance

7 year 24x7 Support

Up to 7 years support available with optional price protection and flash media retention offerings

NEW Enterprise Class Services

Data Reduction

Flexible – up to 5:1 storage efficiency savings, based on Comp estimator results

NEW Estimate - free – sight unseen 2:1 guarantee for rapid workload deployment

Peace of Mind

No Charge, complimentary IBM services for all Tier 1 opportunities

NEW IBM FlashCore Forever program: New controllers are included with 3 -year maintenance extension

IBM Flash Centers of Competency

Gain a competitive edge in a flash. Our worldwide centers can show you how the IBM FlashSystem accelerates performance for your critical business applications and delivers improved data center economics and cost savings.

  • Briefings
  • Demos
  • Workshops
  • Proof of concepts
  • Benchmark testing

IBM Flash Upgrade Program


IBM will upgrade your all-flash array controllers after 3 years.


Purchased between 3/31/17 and 3/31/18: IBM Storwize V5030F Model AF3 (2078-AF3), IBM Storwize V7000F Model AF6 (2076-AF6), IBM FlashSystem V9000 Model AC3 (9848-AC3).


This program covers the replacement with a next-generation control enclosure, excluding priced, optional features such as drives, adapters and cables.


The delivery and setup of the new controllers will follow the standard ordering and installation process for the new controller.


IBM will replace (with trade-in) controllers on all-flash arrays to equivalent next-generation controllers including NVME if available. The price will not exceed the published list price of 3 years Hardware MA and 3 years Software MA on the associated hardware control enclosure at that time.

AFA Controller Upgrade Exclusions

  • Damaged controllers. Caused by vandalism, abuse, fire, flood damage or acts of God, or any other factor beyond the reasonable control of IBM.
  • Ineligible product. Products (including IBM products) that are not specifically identified as part of IBM Storwize V5030F Model AF3 (2078-AF3), IBM Storwize V7000F Model AF6 (2076-AF6) or IBM FlashSystem V9000 Model AC3 (9848-AC3).
  • Timeframe. The option to initiate this upgrade guarantee must occur within the final 90 days of the initial 3 year warranty, and expires at the end of the 3 year warranty.