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Spend less on your software defined IT infrastructure using IBM Spectrum Computing solutions

Manage complex clusters using IBM Spectrum Computing Solutions

Managing today’s complex cluster environment is a time-consuming and costly effort for many High Performance Computing (HPC) data centers. Adding to the challenge is the management of multiple clusters as data center growing in size.

IBM Spectrum Computing offers self provisioning of clusters and comprehensive cluster management capabilities to help you efficiently manage your cluster resources. With centralized management and simplified provisioning, you can increase utilization while accelerating time to market.

Complexity hinders competitiveness

Organizations that require increasing amounts of compute and data processing capabilities face challenges in maintaining complex, diverse HPC structures with disparate hardware and software. These companies are looking for an easy-to-use, high performance cluster management solution to efficiently deploy, manage, consolidate disparate cluster infrastructures and simplify the oversight and maintenance of running their IT environment.

Remove the complexity out of cluster management

IBM Spectrum Computing helps remove the complexity out of the cluster management.

Create a more efficient & dynamic infrastructure

IBM Spectrum Cluster Manager removes the complexity out of cluster management, consolidates disparate clusters onto a shared infrastructure creating an analytics and HPC cloud. This creates a more efficient and dynamic infrastructure to satisfy the most demanding HPC and analytics workloads by delivering:

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