IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation

Lifecycle management for scale-out environments


In scale-out environments, flexible clusters deliver the level of performance that is required for computational and data-intensive applications. At the same time, hardware advancements, such as new processors and interconnect technologies have made clustered environments more complex and difficult to manage. With growing complexity of the compute environments as well as the growth of multiple clusters aligned to business needs, today’s clusters demand an easy-to-use management tool.

IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation automates the creation of multiple scale-out environments on a shared infrastructure used by multiple teams. The software creates an agile environment for running both high-performance computing (HPC) and analytics workloads. By doing so, it allocates the appropriate resources to the right workloads and consolidates disparate cluster infrastructures and multiple workload schedulers, which results in increased resource utilization, the ability to meet or exceed service level agreements, and reduced infrastructure and management costs. IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation provides the ability to quickly create and manage multiple clusters on a shared IT infrastructure, and easily move resources between clusters as needed.

IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation Community Edition is a no-charge infrastructure lifecycle management solution providing systems deployment, monitoring and advanced software management capabilities. It is available for download here.

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