Who Is Lab Services z Systems and LinuxONE?

Proven Expertise

IBM z Systems and LinuxONE provide the ideal customer environment to grow new mission-critical workloads for mobile, analytics, and hybrid cloud on the industry’s most secure server. Lab Services z Systems and LinuxONE is an experienced group of consultants with proven expertise on z Systems and LinuxONE platforms to help clients design and deliver highly available z/OS, zVM, KVM, and Linux infrastructure solutions.

Our Services

Hybrid Cloud

We help clients design and deploy a hybrid cloud infrastructure for enterprise transactions, systems of records, and application workloads. We help deploy open stack-based cloud management services for z Systems, LinuxONE, storage, and networking. We provide services for integrating with cloud management platforms, such as VMWare vRealize Automation, IBM Cloud Management Appliance, and IBM Wave. We help our clients with the end-to-end hybrid cloud integration including all variants of the API-enabling technology such as z/OS Connect. We also help clients with new transformational projects in the area of Blockchain through consultation and deployment of the infrastructure including security.

Analytics for Cognitive Business

We help clients deploy the infrastructure for their enterprise analytics platforms, such as IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, to gain business insights with decisions based on real-time analysis of data designed for availability and engineered for highest levels of security. Other areas of analytics focus for z Systems include real-time analytics with technology such as Apache Spark, and predictive analytics with zAware, Cognos, and SPSS.

Mobile Services Support

We help clients scale and secure their IT infrastructure for mobile applications with their often very large and unpredictable transaction volumes. We provide jumpstart services for clients wishing to do deployments with z/OS Connect and/or our IBM MobileFirst technology. We also provide the needed operating system, middleware, and support for security to provide a full end-to-end mobile solution.

Enterprise Security

We help clients implement systems with the highest level of data security commercially available, advising on built-in enterprise security capabilities and how to simplify complex operational security processes. We provide security health assessments and deployment across z Systems (hardware aspects such as crypto and PCI, z/OS, z/VM, and Linux on z Systems) and LinuxONE (hardware aspects such as crypto and PCI, z/VM, and Linux on z Systems).

Enterprise Linux

We help clients deploy an enterprise grade platform for Linux on z Systems and LinuxONE platforms to enable open solutions in the data center with trusted operations and unrivaled economics. We provide services for all options of virtualization including z/VM, KVM, and LPAR. We have a renewed focus on our new clients to the platform with specialized offerings, including support of select open-source solutions.

Service Predictability

We help clients with a wide range of services for service predictability, including monitoring and assessing the performance and efficiency of application and database environments on z Systems, and recommending designs including best practices for optimal performance and resiliency across database, server, storage, and virtualization environments.


We help clients monitor and assess the performance and efficiency of systems, application and database environments on z Systems and on LinuxONE, recommending and implementing best practices for optimal performance across database, server, storage, and virtualization environments.

IBM Systems Lab Services

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IBM Systems Lab Services has the proven expertise to help leaders design, build, and deliver IT infrastructure for the cognitive era.

With proven expertise derived from a combination of business and technical experience, we can help you:

  • Design for cognitive business
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