The IBM Systems Executive Briefing Center in Poughkeepsie offers comprehensive technology briefings and solution workshops for clients, systems integrators, independent software vendors, IT consultants and business partners. The Poughkeepsie Briefing Center can help you understand how IBM enables the latest technologies, and demonstrates a commitment to you, your IT solutions and your business success.

Our tailored briefings provide high-level executive or deep-dive technical sessions, conducted by IBM's best talent, to help you understand how to leverage IBM's leading technologies- Poughkeepsie is home to significant enterprise hardware and software research and development laboratories, thus enabling the Briefing Center to provide you with in-depth, on-site expertise across the IBM Systems product areas.

The Poughkeepsie Briefing Center offers tours of the IBM z Systems and high-end Power Systems development and test laboratories, manufacturing facilities and Customer Solution Center. The tours highlight IBM's commitment to technology leadership and product quality. Additionally, there is a Green Data Center tour that showcases new energy efficiency technologies.

Poughkeepsie is also home to the Design Center, High Availability Center of Competency, and IBM Systems Lab Services.

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