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At the IBM Executive Briefing Center Boeblingen, Germany we offer insight into the newest IBM hardware and software solutions. You can learn about IBM technology trends and IBM's future strategies to help optimize your IT investments. Through the expertise of developers from Boeblingen, we provide a wide range of topics - from overview to in-depth consultancies - hosted in a modern briefing center to foster the exchange of ideas.

Being part of the IBM Client Center Systems and Software, IBM Germany Research & Development (R&D) , we connect you with developers working on innovative business solutions.

Our center is the ideal place to:

We bring together top skills across IBM systems, software and services in order to individually discuss your requirements and design the best-fit solution. We provide a large set of offerings ranging from briefings and conceptual studies to production support.

Seeing is believing! IBM solutions come alive at the IBM Executive Briefing Center Boeblingen!


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