PM for Power Systems

IBM Performance Management for Power Systems

Before activating PM Agent Data Transmissions (IBM i) or PM for Power Systems Collections (AIX), be sure you confirm that your system meets all requirements.

It is critical that you provide the contact information for your partitions. This enables subsequent viewing of your reports. Please see the requirements section titled Contact information / registration keys.

Performance data for PM for Power Systems cannot be viewed until registration is completed. If you do not already have a Web Identity username and password you will have to create one in order to register your systems.

PM for Power Systems collections has different activation steps depending on the operating system. Please refer to the sections below:

For additional information, please refer to the following:

Activating PM Agent Data Transmissions on IBM System i

PM Agent does not require any activation (setup, configuration or similar) to start collecting data. The PM Agent performance data (file QA1PONE) is automatically collected when the system is started and if Collection Services are running.

You will need to activate PM Agent to transmit the data. You can activate PM Agent either during IPL or interactively. The transmission of the collected PM performance data is indicated through the options in the IBM Electronic Service Agent, the HMC, the FSM or the Service and Support Manager in IBM Systems Director.

For additional information on configuring ESA, please refer to the following:

Getting Started at IPL time
If PM Agent is not activated on your system, following an IPL you will receive a message CPAB02A which will ask you whether you want to send data to IBM by activating PM Agent. This message will be sent to the QSYSOPR message queue. By responding to the message with "G", PM Agent will proceed with the activation.

After successful activation, a message CPIB02B will be sent to the QSYSOPR message queue telling you that your PM Agent is activated.

Getting Started at anytime
If there was an error during at IPL or you wish to activate PM Agent at anytime (V5R4 or earlier):

If there was an error during at IPL or you wish to activate PM Agent at anytime (V6R1 or later):

After successful activation, a screen will appear indicating that PM Agent has been successfully activated.

If PM Agent is not successfully activated...
In case of error during activation, a message CPIB02C will be received on the QSYSOPR message queue indicating that PM Agent was not activated.

For release-specific information about PM Agent activation, please refer to the IBM Knowledge Center.

Special instructions for supporting Shared Processor Pool Graphs
To configure PM for Power Systems in support of the Shared Processor Pool Graphs on IBM i, please follow these instructions / requirements:

Special instructions for supporting System View Graphs
To configure PM for Power Systems in support of the total System View Graphs on IBM i, please follow these instructions / requirements:

Verifying PM Agent setup
To verify the setup, please do the following tasks:

NOTE: You can access the PM for Power Systems menu at any time to tailor PM Agent for your system.

IBM i problem handling
If you have a question about activating PM Agent on IBM System i, please refer to the IBM representative contact list.

Activating PM AIX Collection Agent on AIX

AIX 6.1 TL06 SP3 and AIX 7.1 TL 00 SP2 and higher

To activate PM AIX Collection Agent please do the following steps:

Determine what method to submit performance data to IBM
You can use either Hardware Management Console (HMC) or Electronic Service Agent (ESA) to send your AIX performance data to IBM. It is not recommend that you use both HMC and ESA to send performance data to IBM.

If your server is managed by an HMC server, there is no additional setup needed on your HMC to send performance data to IBM. You can optionally change the time that the HMC collects the performance data by doing the following steps:

If you would like to use ESA, do the following steps to configure Electronic Service Agent on each of your servers:

Important Note: You must update the Customer Information option to ensure it includes email address and correct country code.  The email provided should be for a person responsible for maintaining system performance.

* The PM AIX Collection Agent generates the previous day's performance file just before midnight. So it is recommended that you set ESA or HMC to send the performance file after the file is created. Example: 01:00 am.

Shared Processor Pool and total System View Graph instructions
To enable support for shared processor pools and total System View graphs on AIX v6.1 TL 06 or 07 and AIX v7.1 TL 00 or 01, it is necessary to download and install an ifix package. Look for the ReadMe titled: ReadMe_V8_PM_AIX_SPP_Xlpar_V3.txt (TXT, 8KB).  

Note: if necessary, do a search on PMAIX under the ‘public’ section on the left nav bar.

To enable support for shared processor pools and total System View graphs on AIX v6.1 TL 08 and AIX v7.1 TL 02, a new fileset is embedded in the release that default installs. Additional instructions vary whether using an HMC or FSM to manage the system. See the specific instructions and other important information in this ReadMe (TXT, 21KB) .

Note: Enabling SPP & XLPAR will enable this partition to remotely execute commands on the HMC/FSM using SSH for gathering configuration & performance data of the processor pool & other partitions.

Manually submit server performance data to IBM to verify that Service Agent has picked up the file
Wait one day before attempting to send the performance data to IBM. Depending on your transmission method, do the following steps to manually send performance data to IBM and view log files to verify that it was successfully sent.

To manually send AIX performance data from HMC do the following steps:

To manually send AIX performance data from ESA do the following steps:

Activating PMLinux Collection Agent

Please follow the set up instructions in the .txt files included below. Please see the requirements section.

Complete Performance Management registration

Registration of a server or LPAR is a process that you complete once the PM data has been successfully transmitted to IBM and you have received the e–mail containing the registration key. The registration entails the following steps:

AIX problem handling

Problems should continue to be submitted to IBM using normal country procedures already defined for "Electronic Service Agent" support for:

If you experience any problems with activating and using PM AIX Collection Agent, please contact your in country IBM AIX support or refer to the IBM representative contact list. For faster resolution, prior to submitting your problem, we recommend you review the PM AIX Collection Agent frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) (PDF,293KB).

For your immediate use, please refer to the Trouble Shooting document for information on set up and transmission of AIX PM for Power Systems performance data.

Contact IBM

For technical assistance:

Call IBM Support Line:
1-800-IBM-SERV (426-7378), Opt. 21-800-426-7378 Opt 2
Ask for the Queue called SMP, 163 for worldwide

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