Special offer: Buy now and get a 2x price-performance advantage versus x86 guarantee on big data servers for MongoDB or 1.8x price-performance advantage versus x86 guarantee for EDB Postgres

Unlock next-generation analytics capabilities

Modern data management solutions – such as MongoDB, EDB Postgres, Neo4j, Redis and Kinetica on IBM Power Systems – are disrupting the status quo with superior price-performance over x86 competitors. Now you can finally stop server sprawl, reduce spending and shift focus to innovation.

Evolve in the open

Solve data-intensive business challenges

Deliver faster insights for critical decision making from data-intensive workflows including supply chain optimization, fraud prevention and enterprise data management.

Drive data center efficiency for superior price-performance

Integrate seamlessly with your existing data center and cloud environments, delivering superior price-performance for data analytics workloads.

Accelerate innovation to become an industry disruptor

Harness the power of a cognitive-ready data center with solution-specific hardware accelerators and the POWERAccel family of technologies.

Industry-leading solutions for big data run better on OpenPOWER LC servers than x86

And now, you can benefit from a 1.8x price-performance advantage guarantee over x86 servers

EDB Postgres

Open source object relational database for enterprise data management

EDB Postgres and OpenPOWER LC servers for big data: 1.8x price-performance advantage guarantee over x86 servers


NoSQL Document Store for unstructured or semi-structured big data

MongoDB and OpenPOWER LC servers for big data: 2x price-performance advantage guarantee over x86 servers

Accelerate insights 2.5X faster on Power LC servers than x86


Master data with speed and simplicity

Redis on POWER8 delivers 67% more throughput at 60% lower cost per transaction than x86


Deliver new value data relationships

Neo4j and Power store and process massive-scale graphs with 60% more performance per dollar than x86


Discover real-time insights from streaming data

POWER8 with NVIDIA NVLink Technology and Tesla P100 GPUs deliver 2.4x more Kinetica queries per hour than accelerated x86 solutions

Boost Hadoop workload performance 3X compared to x86


Unlock superior data throughput and speed for connected enterprise data of all types, from all sources

Hortonworks Data Platform on OpenPOWER LC delivers 3X Hadoop workload performance compared to x86

Introducing Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems

Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems enables your digital transformation with a superior platform for modern data-driven application development. This 100% open source solution provides developers with the flexibility they need for agile software development in order to keep pace with the speed of innovation.

With support for modern software development and DevOps, Open Platform for DBaaS delivers fast, self-service on-demand database deployment and sets an ideal foundation for compliance. Delivering up to 2x price-performance advantage versus x86-based options, this on-prem cloud solution provides the highest database density for the most popular open source databases delivered as a service.

Attend the "Agile Digital Transformation with Open DBaaS" webinar introducing the Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems.

Discover how Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems puts you back in control.


Explore the possibilities with IBM OpenPOWER LC Servers

The IBM OpenPOWER LC server portfolio was co-developed by IBM and OpenPOWER Foundation members including Wistron, NVIDIA, Mellanox and Xilinx to deliver the best of data centric innovation around IBM’s Power Architecture.

OpenPOWER LC servers integrate seamlessly into your datacenter and clouds to scale data-intensive workflows with maximum performance and minimum cost and server footprint, so you can focus on solving critical business challenges and accelerating innovation.

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